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  1. Can y'all like make more charities
  2. Pyn for smash or pass
  3. How old were you
  4. Adjustment to the "adult life"
  5. Imagine liking
  6. PS > XBox
  7. Can't believe
  8. PYN and I will tell you
  9. Let's face it
  10. What's on tg that is still interesting
  11. Honestly this quote still applies to me
  12. Would you rather have
  13. List of movies I鈥檓 anticipating
  14. Guess the tengager
  15. Daily appreciation blog
  16. Does anyone else
  17. If you were a musican
  18. It's too fuckin' hot
  19. I'm like in love
  20. 13RW seasons ranking
  21. Global #1 smash hit
  22. As of today,
  23. Vote for the best song
  24. Is that a charity or what?
  25. Honestly, killing off Bryce Walker
  26. Who the heck is Ani
  27. Post your pic
  28. Is the 3rd season
  29. Listening to Lover
  30. I must admit
  31. Let's snap?
  32. pyn for a 2019 movie to see
  33. Sometimes I actually wonder
  34. Anyone else always cackles
  35. I've finally seen Ma
  36. Just ate four brownies
  37. Lover is the best
  38. I just napped
  39. Blogs have become so boring
  40. Oh man, now I finally understand


1stJun 12, 2019 by Arris
for something I like about you

gabrieltrezza - your snaps
RoboZoe - you used 2 have a cute avi with a bear or something
PureEssence - your sweet personality (cnt believe we were enemies for like few months lol)
pinkiepie512 - you are funny and that gif >>>> lives
adeleadele - you are entertaining (even if its drama related, there is always something going on)
Bengalboy - you are down to earth and hella hilarious
HaliFord - your loyalty
lexeyjane - that you sent me boobies snap (jk that has to become our inside joke)
BrittBritt - I like your spirit of competition lmao
TaraG - you're always so nice to me
Blitszims - you're feisty
bigbrotherlover7 - the fact that you're always pissed, sad or tired on your snaps. it's honestly kinda hilarious and adorabz at the same time
MarieEve - you care about your friends so much
MarieTori - you are pretty funni, and you're a night nurse so kudos !
Minniemax - you're like the most hilarious person on TG HANDS DOWN
Steven999 - you listen to some good music
Harry1210 - you have golden retrievers so that enough makes you an OG
Thirteen - your love for horrors and funny, unique personality
zachbbs - you are so nice when you don't go crazy over games or whatever
Maxi1234 - actually similarly to zachbbs, you are literally so nice and fun to talk to when you want to
IceBeast - you're Ice Beast! 'nuff said.
thumper91 - cuz you're a perfection


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H u
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