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  1. Which country should I visit
  2. How many negs exactly
  3. Am I the only one
  4. I just found out
  5. Tag someone
  6. Just filtered someone fat , ugly and retarded
  8. I have a q
  9. Just developed a crush
  10. How old were you
  11. I’m so mad
  12. No shade but it's always
  13. Honestly can't imagine
  14. There are only 2 groups of tengagers
  15. Last call
  16. What does
  17. Pyn and I will tell you
  18. Some ppl rlly need a life
  19. Add my snap uglies
  20. lmao would my avi dissapear
  21. lmaao dead is tg rlly over
  22. I have exactly 100 gifs
  23. I am honestly scared of
  24. Hey babes
  25. I'm so honored honestly
  26. The Umbrella Academy
  27. Happy Valentine's Day
  28. I need to make friends
  29. I spent hours
  30. Thanks for the gift
  31. I have 99 gifts without you
  32. Moving onto last chapter
  33. I'm in a mood
  34. Maroon 5 were sorta awful
  35. Morning babes
  36. uuugh i wanna get high so bad
  37. Thanks babes
  38. Who will win celeb BB?
  39. Allegedy there was
  40. Is it just me or Dina Lohan

It always amazes me

Nov 19, 2018 by Arris
how some people are genuinely into eating ass. It even sounds gross af tbh...


Sent by Nightcore,Nov 19, 2018
hey i dont judge your foot fetish dont judge their eating ass fetish
Sent by koolness234,Nov 19, 2018
you're a strange person koolness234
Sent by Arris,Nov 19, 2018

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