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  1. Name a throwback song
  2. Carly Gay Jepsen
  3. Why r blogs so dead these days?
  4. PYN and I will
  5. Imagine winning 1 million
  6. Don't you sometimes
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  8. I genuinely don’t understand
  9. Watching The Antichrist rn
  10. I so don’t wanna go gym tonight
  11. I just received back
  12. I don't really have a good memory
  13. We really live in a sad times
  14. Pyn and I'll tell u
  15. It always sucks to end
  16. Would you rather be
  17. Daily reminder
  18. I've always wonered
  19. Watch The Society losers
  20. I'll be in Portugal
  21. Post your favorite Avenger
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  23. Plastic ain't cute
  24. Can someone explain to me
  25. Do you feel betrayed
  26. I saw La Llorona today
  27. So honored to make
  28. So what is the purpose of
  29. Would you rather be
  30. One kiss is all it takes
  31. Go and stream
  32. Humanity aside
  33. Isn't he the best?
  34. Flirting on the beach
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  37. Swollen eye :(
  38. My TG avatar is a clear face
  39. Is my avi beautiful?
  40. Remember when

It always amazes me

Nov 19, 2018 by Arris
how some people are genuinely into eating ass. It even sounds gross af tbh...


Sent by Nightcore,Nov 19, 2018
hey i dont judge your foot fetish dont judge their eating ass fetish
Sent by koolness234,Nov 19, 2018
you're a strange person koolness234
Sent by Arris,Nov 19, 2018

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