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  1. There is NOTHING
  2. There was shooting at Toronto
  3. Name a celeb
  4. Twitter culture
  5. Do people still genderfake
  6. Biggest crime on humanity
  7. Why is Tengaged so boring now?
  8. Would you rather be stuck
  9. Lmao I just have my phone number
  10. Have you ever lead someone on
  11. Why is new Taylor literally so BAD
  12. the kind of friends
  13. Name uglier bitch
  14. What is so hot about sexting?
  15. Do you believe
  16. Who cares about Toy Story
  17. pyn
  18. That awks moment
  19. There's a rumored collab
  20. I'm sorry but wtf is a straight pride?
  21. Golden Retrievers
  22. I believe that people
  23. Big Little Lies >>>>
  24. I don't understand one thing
  25. I've come to conclusion
  26. Recommend a good training for me
  27. I hate that type of people
  28. Do you ever feel like
  29. I still don't understand
  30. TUTC 5 | Cast Announcement
  31. So like Demi is obviously
  32. Just had a power nap
  33. When did Black Mirror
  34. I'm hot
  35. I'm so torn, do I take
  36. I think I'm in love
  37. Don't you just love
  38. Have mercy on me, please
  39. So there was ANOTHER shooting
  40. I feel like pretty much everyone alive

Any genderfakers here?

Sep 18, 2018 by Arris
I need something asap


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