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  1. Why are gays obsessed
  2. Your stances?
  3. Lovin' being lazy and unproductive :)
  4. What are your stances
  5. What season of the year
  6. Do straight men exist
  7. I think I have a crush
  8. Tengaged has been boring me recently
  9. Happier by Marshmello
  10. Pyn and I will guess
  11. Pyn
  12. Would you rather be
  13. A Star Is Born
  14. My irl friend
  15. I hope science comes up
  16. Did you know that
  17. LMFAO I just found out
  18. Can you imagine
  19. I just saw HoF section
  20. Am I the only one who loves
  21. Is writing methodology section hard?
  22. Halsey is hot
  23. I need someone to g4g
  24. I don't think websites like tg
  25. Does anyone remember Goosebumps?
  26. Tomorrow is my last uni day
  27. Dominos is the best pizza
  29. Death scares me
  30. Full of TS
  31. If you were a famous
  32. Cartoons from the time I was a kid
  33. Would you rather be
  34. Do you get attached to people?
  35. Is she still alive?
  36. So who will democrats
  37. Why do guys on tg
  38. Thesis is a bitch
  39. I just want a big fat
  40. ok did anyone see A Simple Favor?

Any genderfakers here?

Sep 18, 2018 by Arris
I need something asap


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