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  1. Bohemian Rhapsody as a movie
  2. My take on it is that
  3. Story of my life [=
  4. Imagine thinking
  5. Why cant everyone be like
  6. We're dating
  7. Thoughts on people
  8. pyn for a motto
  9. God I'm so shit
  10. No wonder this weirdo
  11. I don't know the whole situation rlly
  12. When a tengager asks
  13. I just trimmed my chest
  14. lmfao itsalexia
  15. What is the one thing
  16. is anybody watching
  17. Pyn and I will
  18. Would you rather be
  19. Also skype is actually
  20. If we're being honest
  21. Writing this stupid dissertation
  22. Words comp is rigged
  23. oh yeah gaga is soooo twisted
  24. I'm Adee7
  25. Pyn and I'll rank you
  26. Can someone explain to me
  27. Was Ghettoyah a multi?
  28. Why can't we all be
  29. My blood test results came in
  30. God I can't believe
  31. Does anyone even like shaving
  32. If my dick pick ever leaked
  33. PYN for a ranking
  34. All cuz I said
  35. Is the rumored list real?
  36. I'm in frookies rn
  37. Would you rather
  38. HELP I'm a minor
  39. I really don't feel bad for
  40. I have these home renovations now

A DOCTOR telling me his scared of blood

Feb 9, 2018 by Arris
so, what's good? m7md26


Don't come at my doctor for his blood phobia!1!1!
Sent by Philip13,Feb 9, 2018
me at u twisting my words....
Sent by m7md26,Feb 9, 2018

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