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  1. Finale was legit the worst ep
  2. I hate clingy people
  3. I'm dissapointed in 13RW ending
  4. What internet browser
  5. Ready Player One 馃
  6. Sangria Wine is a BOP
  7. Who are these gays
  8. Who's watching BMA's?
  9. Imagine not liking green veggies
  10. PYN for a Stars Save Chain
  11. Post female celebrities
  12. Is Clay mentally ill?
  13. OMG thank you so much
  14. I thought I was gonna binge the whole thing
  15. Are people still getting 'hacked'?
  16. Honestly, what justifies 13RW
  17. In before all the
  18. LOOOOOL 13RW2 ep.2
  19. Sangria Wine SMASH of the summer!
  20. lmao 13RW 2nd season
  21. I didn't notice this in S1
  22. lmao are people seriously
  23. I'm kinda hyped
  24. My iphone is sorta acting up
  25. People seem to be forgetting
  26. Halsey is kinda good
  27. Why do people think
  28. Pyn and I'll guess how many
  29. I would like to have a pet noob
  30. What kind of sweets
  31. Have you ever recieved or send nudes
  32. How many T$ would I need
  33. Imagine hating coffee
  34. I have an Arection
  35. Anybody here watches
  36. Do you ever accidently cut yourself
  37. I fucking hate
  38. Do you care what people think of you?
  39. The way Halsey destroyed all the momentum
  40. It sucks so hard that ppl still use multis

A DOCTOR telling me his scared of blood

Feb 9, 2018 by Arris
so, what's good? m7md26


Don't come at my doctor for his blood phobia!1!1!
Sent by Philip13,Feb 9, 2018
me at u twisting my words....
Sent by m7md26,Feb 9, 2018

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