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  1. I've never tried bubble tea
  3. My alcohol tolerance
  4. Why does it always take
  5. Some of yall r like
  6. I am not gifting you
  7. Who would win fight irl
  8. Would you stay with someone
  9. Holy fuck it's so cold
  10. What is your favorite song on 'Camila'?
  11. Why those two icons fight?
  12. Literally me when I get this notify
  13. What happened?
  14. Can we all agree
  15. How long does it take
  16. Gifting shops are hell of a challenge these days
  17. Camila has looks and personality
  18. She's prolly the coolest grandma
  19. Imagine being in 20s
  20. Who are you in the dark? (I, I)
  21. I literally can't stop listening
  22. Ugly
  23. Isn't it funny
  24. How many drives did it take you
  25. Superstore is one of the best
  26. I think In the Dark is growing
  27. Camila's album is so addicting
  28. Why didn't Camila put
  29. I'm feeling generous
  30. Y'all wish your avi was
  31. I wanna be your end game
  32. Oh shit I actually got the shop lmfao
  33. What is your favorite
  34. Always knew that Camila
  35. Emergency !
  36. About to rewatch Get Out
  37. I never really thought Halsey was
  38. I'm so glad I quit cigarettes
  39. Who sings This Is Me
  40. I placed bets on my shop

Can somebody motivate me

Jan 3, 2018 by Arris
to do my essay


Well, your avi looks exactly like you, and he looks inspired. So you will probably get inspired soon
Sent by FelipeS,Jan 3, 2018
If you don't do your essay you won't get a good grade
If you don't get a good grade you won't pass your classes
If you don't pass your classes you won't graduate from school
If you don't graduate from school you won't get a good job
If you don't get a good job no one will love you
Now get working on the essay!
Sent by Paige5459,Jan 3, 2018
lmao that is truly inspiring FelipeS
queen of motivation tbh Paige5459
Sent by Arris,Jan 3, 2018
the last time katy perry didn't do her essay the outcome was the Witness album
Sent by Darbe,Jan 3, 2018
LOOOOOL, good one m8tea Darbe
Sent by Arris,Jan 3, 2018

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