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Sparkling or still water?

16thFeb 5, 2024 by Arris
I already knw most will say still but to me easily sparkling.


Still 4ever
Sent by Phono,Feb 5, 2024
Sparkling water is horrible omg
Sent by biminibonboulash,Feb 5, 2024
Alright, hear me out sparkling water hits differently.
Sent by owistubbedmytoe,Feb 5, 2024
*Flavored sparkling water
Sent by owistubbedmytoe,Feb 5, 2024
obviously still
Sent by Darbe,Feb 5, 2024
people who drink sparkling water are disgusting, they are wasting the best drink DOING THAT  YOUR NASTY BITCHES
Sent by David2560,Feb 5, 2024
Omg you guys are weird as hell

How is a sparkling water DISGUSTING
Sent by Arris,Feb 5, 2024
Sent by Music,Feb 5, 2024
Sent by zachbbs,Feb 5, 2024
i go back and forth. but id prefer sparkling forever if i didn't get tired of it
Sent by daveycool,Feb 5, 2024
Clearly Canadian sparkling water is so good
Sent by Jenna2010,Feb 5, 2024

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