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Survivor Ranking

11thDec 1, 2019 by AronJX
1- Karishma
2- Noura
3- Janet
4- Elaine
5- Lauren
6- Dean
7- Dan
8- Elizabeth
9- Tommy

The boot order so far has been delightful. I wish Missy was still in the game, and especially Kellee.

I can't believe Karishma is still in the game, she has had 17 votes cast against her so far and has been in the minority since almost the beginning <3

The way Noura has worked her way into the core alliance having that crazy brain that she has? Oh Lord, if Karishma or her win this season I might faint.

Tommy needs to be voted out in an embarrassing way. I think he's an entitled boy and I would love for him to try the taste of misery.



Wow i agree but -15
Sent by JetsRock12,Dec 1, 2019
you're so.....woke
Sent by Birks4444,Dec 1, 2019
Yes!! I mostly agree with this ranking and really hope for a Karishma or noura win or Janet
Sent by morseka3,Dec 1, 2019

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