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  1. hi
  2. Even if there are
  3. For some reason
  4. Money: 0.0 T$ Buy T$
  5. Bowkane
  6. If somebody
  7. Katherinee_
  8. Stream TT please
  9. I want to play frooks
  10. Join
  11. Current situation
  12. Why
  13. Frookies is so rushed
  14. Oh wow
  15. Underrated snake
  16. I hate when
  17. Good luck moving again on shops
  18. Once again I'm better than u
  19. Thanks for the top tredning bitchez
  20. Imagine
  21. Stream Dance the night away!
  22. I'm Ari
  23. Ban this bitch
  24. Just curous
  25. Why r u joining
  26. You both are crazy
  27. OMG
  28. Survivor Tocantins
  29. See u next week
  30. Can't u blog
  31. Which game is
  32. Only hacked accounts
  33. Who expected that
  34. Rando
  35. Me when
  36. RIP
  37. Someone hacked another dozen of accounts?
  38. Another hacked account?
  39. Imagine
  40. Someone with Amazon music

Between Dom and Wendo

May 21, 2018 by Ari_
I really pref Dom to win, even if he is kinda Tony archetype, I just can't stand Wendell. I loved how Donna told him that she is voting for Dom if she end in the jury and shutted down the sneaky rat. #survivor


He's so arrogant
Sent by Tommeh208,May 21, 2018
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,May 21, 2018
Yah I didn’t mind him at first. But he’s annoying lately
Sent by RArsenault,May 21, 2018

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