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Libby got the credit

Mar 8, 2018 by Ari_
cuz Morgan truly believed her, all 3 believed that Libby was with them and that's why they were shocked. James got a big credit for the move, but i think that all 4 were with the idea to vote someone who didn't expect it and cuz they can't believe to the others, cuz they may try to trick them and to use some idol, that was the best idea, but I don't think that James was the only smart who came with it. Libby tricked perfectly Morgan with all this catholic relation between them, so they didn't even came with the idea to use the idol. #Survivor


Libby wanted to keep Morgan, and James convinced her other wise this is James move.
Sent by Silver09,Mar 8, 2018
But I was impressed with Libby last episode too but this wasn't her move
Sent by Silver09,Mar 8, 2018
Silver09 It's not James fucking move. He wanted to vote Morgan, she wanted Wendell, it's same, they were in the alliance so the move is on both, if not on all 4 of them.
Sent by Ari_,Mar 8, 2018
Ari_ Well they voted for Morgan so it is his move 馃槀
Sent by Silver09,Mar 8, 2018
silver09 we r looking for the entire plat to not go with Angela's vote, these 3 are alliance so nvm who they voting, ther r voting against the alliance, Morgan or Wendel, it does not rly matter, they discussed both options and they went for her, cuz she is weaker in the chalenges, you can't say thats his move only because he said her name first, we r looking for the entir
Sent by Ari_,Mar 9, 2018
entire plan, not just the final vote.
Sent by Ari_,Mar 9, 2018

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