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  2. Which game is
  3. Only hacked accounts
  4. Who expected that
  5. Rando
  6. Me when
  7. RIP
  8. Someone hacked another dozen of accounts?
  9. Another hacked account?
  10. Imagine
  11. Someone with Amazon music
  12. I expect Americans to bring
  13. No lifer of the month?
  14. Predators
  15. Another winner, another disappointment
  16. Between Dom and Wendo
  17. I like how ppl
  18. Ghost Island is
  19. HG is like a chess
  20. Me when ppl still discuss Laurel/Yanny thing
  21. You keep buying
  22. Stars is officially over
  23. Some star games
  24. Chelsea had any confessionals
  25. Happy Birthday Goddess
  26. Ghost Island cast
  27. Finally got
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  29. Free tip
  30. lmao
  31. lmao
  32. This is really disgusting
  33. Don't call ppl "attention seekers"
  34. How you will feel
  35. I'm probably too distrustful
  36. Prob unpopular opinion
  37. Hi
  38. Someone have that gif
  39. I'm starting to lose brain cells
  40. These spam messages

I'm so glad

Mar 8, 2018 by Ari_
with the last episode of Survivor. I loved to see these 3 traitors being blindsided, ofc i prefered to see Wendell voted, since he was arogant and said smth like, I don't want to draw rocks for Angela, when she truly wanted to save them 3 and risking her own fate for them, such a good riddance. #Survivor
"Everybody lies, even Libby !!"


People vote you with a 89 porcent to be in my group game all stars of tengaged,you dont need to be active if you dont want
Sent by FoxyWinters,Mar 8, 2018
Yeah. They were silly. Not sure why they wanted her out when she was LOYAL! I'm glad that she said.

We love a hag queen like Angela. <3
Sent by Loopspeare,Mar 8, 2018

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