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  1. The rest of Survivor Pre-Jury
  2. Multis are working tirelessly
  3. All these waves
  4. Libby got the credit
  5. I'm so glad
  6. I find it super cringe
  7. Porn stars
  8. I feel bad
  9. I wanted to make a chart
  10. I make a little fan video
  11. Gonzalez
  12. Since Gonzalez
  13. Someone who watched Survivor
  14. We know couple things for brazilians
  15. The only reason
  16. I didn't farm 2 months my ts to buy for
  17. Yikes
  18. I have 1k
  19. Me when
  20. Gonzalez
  21. Yay
  22. Years later
  23. I have always being shoocked
  24. Do u like my avi
  25. Americans are selfish
  26. 90% of profiles
  27. When
  28. I'm very curious
  29. Stars
  30. Why
  31. I like how
  32. Why a lot of Americans
  33. If u r not
  34. The owner of this multi
  35. Is this a charity?
  36. Twinning
  37. How ppl hack others so easy
  38. Why everyone
  39. Is this a charity?
  40. I just heard that to visit

Ppl are sooo jealous of MamaT

Dec 17, 2017 by Ari_
cuz they can't even survive a single poll. :(


I love mama t I just had to put it out there :x
Sent by temponeptune,Dec 17, 2017
temponeptune Ur blog was complex which is fine, I was talking to the ppl who just trashtalk her. :)
Sent by Ari_,Dec 17, 2017
Shut up already ari_
Sent by Vlad21,Dec 18, 2017
Vlad21 Here we have a bisic jealous hoe who can't survive a single pool. <3
Sent by Ari_,Dec 18, 2017
ari_ ive survived enough and i would of stayed if multis werent used ;) and also i was in the game so i know why tina was in that position and how she screwed her game then she victimized all game
Sent by Vlad21,Dec 18, 2017

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