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  1. Welcome to the panic room :)
  2. You both are crazy
  3. OMG
  4. Survivor Tocantins
  5. See u next week
  6. Can't u blog
  7. Which game is
  8. Only hacked accounts
  9. Who expected that
  10. Rando
  11. Me when
  12. RIP
  13. Someone hacked another dozen of accounts?
  14. Another hacked account?
  15. Imagine
  16. Someone with Amazon music
  17. I expect Americans to bring
  18. No lifer of the month?
  19. Predators
  20. Another winner, another disappointment
  21. Between Dom and Wendo
  22. I like how ppl
  23. Ghost Island is
  24. HG is like a chess
  25. Me when ppl still discuss Laurel/Yanny thing
  26. You keep buying
  27. Stars is officially over
  28. Some star games
  29. Chelsea had any confessionals
  30. Happy Birthday Goddess
  31. Ghost Island cast
  32. Finally got
  33. The feeling
  34. Free tip
  35. lmao
  36. lmao
  37. This is really disgusting
  38. Don't call ppl "attention seekers"
  39. How you will feel
  40. I'm probably too distrustful

It's kinda annoying

Dec 7, 2017 by Ari_
how Ben always hear when ppl are plotting against him, first when Joe did it, Ben was in the bush and now when Lauren, Ashley and Devon was talking to rid of him, he heard again that his name is thrown, like why others never heard such an important info about their game?


Did you know he was a marine?
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 7, 2017
This bitch’s comment is irrelevant and annoying
Sent by Philip13,Dec 7, 2017

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