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  1. How you will feel
  2. I'm probably too distrustful
  3. Prob unpopular opinion
  4. Hi
  5. Someone have that gif
  6. I'm starting to lose brain cells
  7. These spam messages
  8. I always say
  9. Try again
  10. Imagine
  11. Imagine
  12. I hope James will come back
  13. Is Chelsea getting some screem time this ep?
  14. Thank u for the gift
  15. What did Staphanie so everyone like her?
  16. Which Eurovision song u replay the most?
  17. The rest of Survivor Pre-Jury
  18. Multis are working tirelessly
  19. All these waves
  20. Libby got the credit
  21. I'm so glad
  22. I find it super cringe
  23. Porn stars
  24. I feel bad
  25. I wanted to make a chart
  26. I make a little fan video
  27. Gonzalez
  28. Since Gonzalez
  29. Someone who watched Survivor
  30. We know couple things for brazilians
  31. The only reason
  32. I didn't farm 2 months my ts to buy for
  33. Yikes
  34. I have 1k
  35. Me when
  36. Gonzalez
  37. Yay
  38. Years later
  39. I have always being shoocked
  40. Do u like my avi

And here are my top 7 on Survivor

Nov 30, 2017 by Ari_
from my fave to my least fave.
1.Chrissy - Even if she is cocky and etc, she is super fun and queen mom in my eyes, so fuck off if u have smth against that.
2.Lauren - No explanations needed?
3.Ashley - She is meh, but i like that we have one young girl who trying hard, but not being primadona or smth.
4.Ryan - Well, he is not my fave, but I like his relationship with Chrissy.
5.Mike -  Annoying, but at least he is a good person.
6.Ben - With every episode I start disliking him more and more.
7.Devon - Ugh, so stupid and annoying, I can't stand him.


I agree with the final 3! <3
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 1, 2017

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