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  1. How ppl hack others so easy
  2. Why everyone
  3. Is this a charity?
  4. I just heard that to visit
  5. Fighting crime, trying to save the world..
  6. Running for school at 7 am like
  7. I don't know
  8. I didn't know
  9. I really miss Lucy
  10. ~~Camila album rankings~~
  11. Camel
  12. What will ur mom do if u suicide?
  13. Melanie is innocent
  14. We are so lucky
  15. We need
  16. Ppl who take puctures
  17. Me
  18. The public
  19. I respect the bitching blogs
  20. I can't believe
  21. I like how the public
  22. When the music..was music
  23. Biggest Survivor Goat?
  24. @KatarinaDuCouteau
  25. Randomize
  26. It's funny
  27. Someone else
  28. I'm curious
  29. If Survivor was not manipulated
  30. The most sweet Christmas cookie
  31. I find just find out how much
  32. Do u remember
  33. 9 years later
  34. I'm done with survivor
  35. Pls more idols and advantages
  36. I really love Chrissy
  37. Ppl who ask for opinion
  38. Ppl are sooo jealous of MamaT
  39. Good that
  40. Are all Americans gay


Nov 8, 2017 by Ari_
deserved to be a juror. It sucks so much to be on the merge, but not on the jury. I feel bad for her. #Survivor


Sent by BlueBarracuda,Nov 8, 2017
how did she deserve it lol
she went home her first tribal what a flop
Sent by xShift,Nov 8, 2017
xShift Well it could be any of the healers, just bad luck for her.
Sent by Ari_,Nov 8, 2017
WAIT! She didn't make jury??
Sent by lilrigler38,Nov 9, 2017
Girls named Jessica placing 12th and missing the jury in 2017 :(

First on Big Brother 19 and now, Survivor 35
Sent by virgobo1,Nov 9, 2017
^ And both were in a showmance
Sent by virgobo1,Nov 9, 2017
^ with guys with names starting w/ C-O (Cody, Cole)
Sent by virgobo1,Nov 9, 2017

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