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Top 10 Arby's Menu Items - #9

17thOct 26, 2014 by Aquamarine
Coming in at #9, that's right, it's the Roast Beef Patty Melt!

Have you ever wanted to get a patty melt that just doesn't have the same taste as a perfectly grilled one from your favorite diner, and instead of burgers it uses roast beef? That's the amazing product that Arby's offers. Just in case you don't desire their roast beef sandwich on the normal BUN, they provide this alternative. Just call it the patty melt without the patty!

#9 - Roast Beef Patty Melt
#10 - Roast Beef Gyro

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Melts in your pants, not in your mouth.  @_@
Sent by IAmPaxton,Oct 26, 2014
i don't eat beef!  is there any chance u will have some non beef items anytime soon?

Tag me btw
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Oct 26, 2014
you know your bored when you're listing arbys ;)
Sent by BrenLa,Oct 26, 2014
Sent by Rockslide,Oct 26, 2014
melt the patty
Sent by AustinRules6969,Oct 26, 2014
Tag me
Sent by JonMcGillis,Oct 27, 2014
Sent by JonMcGillis,Oct 28, 2014

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