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Up again for 10th Nov 18, 2020
How I even made it this far after being known as the inact user of TG alongside Sk8erGal is beyond me lmao.

Anyway, this is only my second time playing time and I really want to make this one count and win it all. Hope you guys can save me cause I really am not ready to be evicted yet.

GL Rubes
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Up for 14th in Stars Nov 16, 2020
Honestly just questioning why I was even targeted in the first place. Like wow, let’s target the guy that’s inact almost as much as Sk8erGal is. Lmao

Anyway, I hope you guys can save me in the Stars poll cause this is only my second Stars and I’d rather not go out this early.

EDIT. Thanks for the saves everyone!! 😊
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Joined my second Stars today Nov 14, 2020
Hoping I won't flop lol
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Please ban this user Nov 8, 2020

I can't take the idiotic gifs
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The fact that people still vote for Trump Nov 3, 2020
After the abysmal four years he's had as president is just sad at this point
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Not even from the States and I'm feeling stressed Nov 3, 2020
Looking at the election Twitter tag every few seconds
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