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I’m freaking out...

Apr 23, 2020 by AntonB
My left ear has been pretty muffled after I took a shower and cleaned my ear this afternoon. I’ve noticed certain things have sounded pretty quiet and that when I listen to music, it’s a bit more quiet in my left ear..

I’m just freaking out cause I don’t know if I’m losing my hearing or something and singing/music’s the only thing I’m passionate about. I’m so scared........


Sent by Fares,Apr 23, 2020
Oh :/
Sent by Tester,Apr 23, 2020
geez :/ i hope everything turns out alright
Sent by 3pi14159,Apr 23, 2020
you probably have a little water stuck in your ear. Try using your hand as a sort of suction cup to your ear, or lay on your side and let gravity work
Sent by DBonee,Apr 23, 2020
DBonee I've had that happen lol

It's not really that pleasant
Sent by Tester,Apr 23, 2020
@DBonne it’s been like this for hours I’m freaking out
Sent by AntonB,Apr 23, 2020
Tester AntonB it happens to me sometime, especially when I clean my ears. Cuz some earwax can kind of jam together and its really irritating. Try the suction cup thing with your hand, that usually works for me!
Sent by DBonee,Apr 23, 2020
you probably got some extra water iny our ear, dw it will go away :) you're hearing is fine
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Apr 23, 2020
Carriexoxo24xo how long does it take for it go away and get better?
Sent by AntonB,Apr 23, 2020
DBonee I know lol
Sent by Tester,Apr 23, 2020

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