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Simon Says Frooks?

Mar 17, 2020 by AntonB
Just remembered this used to be a thing a few years ago and I’d love to bring it back to play it again!


The HOH will say one thing that everyone will have to do with either their avi or in the chat! The last 2 to do so will be nommed! For example, outgoing HOH tells everyone to put on black hair, the last two that do so have to be nommed!

You can play PoV but it’s at your own risk! If you do play PoV you risk missing the HOH’s instructions and will be nommed.

PoV can be used on anyone! However if PoV is used the HOH must say another command and the last person to do so will be renominated!

You can evict anyone you like!

NOTE: IF THE CURRENT HOH DOESN’T SAY “Their name” SAYS AND YOU DO THE COMMAND THEN YOU WILL BE NOMINATED! For example, I am HOH and I say “put on blue eyes” and you do so then you will be nommed! If more than 2 people fall for it then you can choose out of them who you nominate. If only 1 falls for it then they are up and you do another one or none then you do another go!


Sent by PrincessaPeach,Mar 17, 2020
I actually think I saw this less than a year ago maybe, but yeah, sounds fun
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Mar 17, 2020
i havent tried it
but im down
Sent by Tanarexix,Mar 17, 2020
Sound fun
Sent by obey_me,Mar 17, 2020
Dang it I missed it :(
Sent by Tester,Mar 17, 2020

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