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Cliff’s BB21 resume

2ndSep 15, 2019 by AntonB
- Getting evicted Week 3
- winning HOH only to chicken out of targeting the Six Shooters and instead evicting Bella
- getting nominated 5 times
- convincing Nicole to evict Tommy leaving a showmance in the f4
- most likely wanted to bring Jackson to the f3 and bring him to the finals
- convinced that Jackson would evict his girlfriend over him


Sounds as impressive as ur college resume
Sent by moonshine123,Sep 15, 2019
Sent by Babyshark,Sep 15, 2019
Drag him king
Sent by Malaya_,Sep 16, 2019
Anton good to see you dude an yes we love this roasting blog
Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Sep 16, 2019

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