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Why're people so pissed at Tommy leaving?

Sep 12, 2019 by AntonB
Weren't people practically begging for him to leave last week??????


it was much smarter to do it last week
Sent by Darbe,Sep 12, 2019
Idk who telling you this but I stan Tommy leaving.
Sent by Codyy,Sep 12, 2019
Codyy so many BB alumni are saying how Jackson just won the game or something and that they suddenly like Tommy *eyeroll*
Sent by AntonB,Sep 12, 2019
Omg I'm so happy hes gone his crying was worst than crusty he can tell her hi in the jury. Christie Tommy going back to back was epic just would been better if both were on the double eviction.
Sent by Babyshark,Sep 12, 2019
Well I'm not one of them. They are stupid to think that. Tommy being evicted was best AntonB
Sent by Codyy,Sep 12, 2019
antonb codyy .... any alumni saying this should not play again.  Jackson is not likely to win F4 or F3 HOH.  We generally know the competitions.  They don't suit him.  Flip side.... Tommy would have been the favorite to win F4 HOH, F4 POV, and F3 HOH.  So, the alumni saying this should never have played BB.
Sent by MMAjunkieX,Sep 12, 2019

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