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  1. Can there please be Canada's HOH?
  2. Do you think you're weird?
  3. What are your unpopular BBCAN7 opinions?
  4. Stars Support
  5. Is Sk8erGal ever active
  6. Can you recall the worst game?
  7. Do your dreams ever happen in real life?
  8. Pineapple on pizza
  9. Mess regarding college results
  10. Are there any users who hate you
  11. This season of Survivor is whack
  12. The obsession coming from below
  13. Algo always screwing me over in frooks.
  14. How in the hell did Spiderhitler get banned??
  15. It's pretty sad how long it takes
  16. 13th, 10th, and 7th in frooks.
  17. Big Brother Season 1 Apps
  18. Do you ever join a game and regret it
  19. When you can't think of anything to blog about
  20. Anyone up to join frooks?
  21. When you think Kyra can't get any worse
  22. Stars Support!!
  23. Finally won my first casting!!
  24. BBCAN7 has just been tragic..
  25. Anyone up for frookies?
  26. One thing I really hate in Big Brother
  27. How do I go from loathing Bear in CBB
  28. I hate dealing with my anxiety...
  29. So who's going home on Thursday?
  30. TG College Degrees
  31. Don't usually watch Survivor till now
  32. Who are users
  33. PYN if you would nominate me immediately in Frooks
  34. The "Pretty" Boys Ranking
  35. BBCAN7 Episode 3 Rankings
  36. Frookies stress me out so much
  37. What's an Abdulla?
  38. Join Frooks?
  39. Maybe miracles do happen
  40. Do you ever get tired

When both of your closest friends here leave the site.

Jan 12, 2019 by AntonB



I just have to finish up my survivor group game and I'm gone ily Anton
Sent by mbarnish1,Jan 12, 2019
AntonB I've lost motivation for Tengaged :(
Sent by Tester,Jan 12, 2019
what about me?
Sent by supercooldrew5,Jan 12, 2019

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