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  1. Are there any links for the CBBUS2 premiere?
  2. Wow I actually don't hate anyone in CBB yet
  3. List of multis in this fasting
  4. Seeing DaddyDev try to be relevant
  5. Random pms from Thirteen
  6. Seeing people recognize trash
  7. Big Brother 20 HG Rankings
  8. God I flop so much at frookies
  9. What are some unpopular opinions you have?
  10. Anyone up for Simon Says Frookies?
  11. How does anyone even like him??
  12. Ika's amazing at doing interviews.
  13. Who will get the curse this season?
  14. Who're you guys most excited for in CBB?
  15. When users have some problem with you for no..
  16. When both of your closest friends here leave the..
  17. Final 2 two days in a row
  18. Semaj serving tea
  19. Please join Frookies!
  20. Why do some people in Frookies
  21. Can't believe I made the f2 in a frookies for..
  22. Who are you?
  23. Happy Birthday to the queen BrittBritt
  24. I just love flopping at yet another frookies.
  25. According to DaddyDev
  26. Anyone up for Simon Says Frookies?
  27. Is there a chance Tiffany Pollard will be a..
  28. DaddyDev=dumb and attention seeking
  29. Happy 15th birthday Barnish!!!
  30. Well damn O_O
  31. What's a good Netflix series to bingewatch?
  32. Why do some people think it's cool to personally..
  33. Taylor Swift Album Ranking
  34. DaddyDev being attention seeking?
  35. When is the CBB2 cast getting revealed?
  36. That moment you're making a blog during a New..
  37. Why is Birdbox getting so much attention?
  38. What are some underrated songs from the past year?
  39. Jasoi can go screw himself
  40. PYN Ranking

When both of your closest friends here leave the site.

Jan 12, 2019 by AntonB



I just have to finish up my survivor group game and I'm gone ily Anton
Sent by mbarnish1,Jan 12, 2019
AntonB I've lost motivation for Tengaged :(
Sent by Tester,Jan 12, 2019
what about me?
Sent by supercooldrew5,Jan 12, 2019

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