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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Dec 19, 2015 by Anoreoz897
imageAnd I'll tell you how you'd die on Scream Queens. Go go go go go.

Simplyobsessed - The Red Devil sneaks into the kitchen as you prepare your afternoon snack, and sends a cleaver right through your chest, and you dramatically collapse to the floor, moaning.
TheGamingDragon - As you are out fishing one night with your fellow pledges, the RD leaves them a pleasant surprise by letting them find you hanging from a tree by some extra strong fishing line.
sosyomomma - You are sleeping soundly in bed when the Red Devil drops in, and stuffs a Kappa sock down your espophagus and puts a clothes pin on your nose.
GoodKaren - You are taking your nightly bubble bath as RD jumps out from behind the shower curtain, covers you inside the tub with a large board with a hole in it, and fills the hole with burning hot water, leaving you to sizzle inside.
Kelly0412 - As you scrub the Kappa crest on the floor with a toothbrush, RD pushes a button on the wall, opening the floor from under you as you drop onto and are impaled by hundreds of freshly sharpened pencils sticking out of the floor.
Brandt69 - The Red Devil decides it would be fun to put a power drill to your head and squeeze the button as you are out doing construction on the Kappa House.
Kaylabby - The RD swoops in with a hatchet, ready to strike, but since you are kick ass, you slay him and you are the only one to live.
Justin_Hicks - The Killer. Enough said.
JamieAndre _ As you style your on fleek hair, the RD ignites your head on fire with a gasoline powered hair dryer. RIP.


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Brandt69 since I wouldn't die
Sent by ninjohn,Dec 19, 2015
anoreoz897 do me
Sent by Kaylabby,Dec 19, 2015
me omg i better be killer rip
Sent by Justin_Hicks,Dec 20, 2015
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