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Popping in Mar 25, 2020
imageI haven't been on here since I have a life now but this is where it all began and i miss everyone I used to talk to <3
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5 Year Tengaged Anniversary Feb 18, 2018
imageI’m never on here anymore, but I for some reason I remembered that I joined this site 5 years ago today, and that means a lot to me. I was just a 15 year-old freshman in high school with the hope of playing an online Survivor game, and now I’m a sophomore in college. This site doesn’t mean much anymore, but because of it I’ve met a lot of people that have had a great impact on my life, especially as I’ve gotten involved in ORGs.

Here’s to five years :)

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BB19 Pre-Season Rankings Jun 28, 2017
image1. Raven Walton
2. Megan Lowder
3. Mark Jansen
4. Cameron Herd
5. Dominique Cooper
6. Kevin Schlehuber
7. Jessica Graf
8. Alex Ow
9. Christmas Abbott
10. Matthew Clines
11. Cody Nickson
12. Ramses Soto
13. Jillian Parker
14. Jason Dent
15. Elena Davies
16. Josh Martinez

This is based off of personality, not placement. If Paul is included in the cast, squeeze him between Alex and Christmas.
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So bored... Jun 22, 2017
imageAsk me questions bitches <3
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It's been a while... Jun 3, 2017
I miss my Tengaged days and all of the pretty people I used to play games with <3
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Ouch Dec 15, 2016
This website is fucking dead...
BTW ily
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