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hi how are you? Apr 24, 2020
I have returned after 2 weeks inactive on the page
How is the quarantine?
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I will close my account for a while Apr 7, 2020
hello tengaged, I have already decided, I have liked this site a lot in the last months
but I have decided to close my account for a while
I had been coming in for months just to gamble and to do the survivor's challenges... and today I was finally expelled from the survivors after 11 unifications
I have very good people in my heart that I will never forget
See you soon!!
Sincerely: Angeliica
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thank you for the gift Jan 27, 2020
Im eternally grateful :) thanks harley <3
I also want to be thankful for being saved from the stars
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⭐ I am a star ⭐ Jan 25, 2020
I hope to have your support
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Orange level!! Jan 25, 2020
Im already orange level
let me link and vote them
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