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  1. Daily reminder
  2. Anyone here a vegetarian?
  3. So sad to hear about Avicii
  4. Remember when
  5. Love how
  6. Waiting for multi stars
  7. There’s something so cringe
  8. I thought coachella
  9. I have to catch
  10. About this captcha pic thing
  11. Wouldn’t it be cool
  12. I just ordered
  13. Why has almost every artist
  14. Why can’t female musicians
  15. It’s 4am and a car
  16. Why doesn’t Syria and US send
  17. Do the French not have
  18. Would you rather
  19. Love that we are
  20. Imagine all the soldier lookbook
  21. Trump was quicker to
  22. How involved is the UK in this?
  23. Oh my god
  24. Did anyone watch this film as a kid?
  25. If you want updates
  26. See I'm invisible too
  27. Am I a suitable candidate to be a mod
  28. Wouldn't it be great
  29. Anyone else have
  30. I was going to boycott
  31. Has anyone got
  32. How does a person wake up
  33. Why is riverdale my guilty pleasure
  34. Archie Andrews has less
  35. Why fight with fists
  36. 35 or 3-5?
  37. It’s hilarious Peeps thinks
  38. 2 men in a van
  39. I'm dying
  40. Randomize pretending to care

Watching all the Eurovision

Mar 16, 2018 by Anas
entries with Bix123, literally sat with a paper and pen scoring each one lmao.


girl you gotta hashtag it
Sent by Bix123,Mar 16, 2018
anas lets see the paper
Sent by joe1110,Mar 16, 2018
Joe1110 typed it up, it's in your tags
Sent by Anas,Mar 17, 2018

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