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  1. Make my lips wet
  2. When are you unfiltering me
  3. I borrowed an Umbreon
  4. Since nobody else watching BBUK
  5. I honestly don’t like when
  6. Knowing that Cameron
  7. In other news
  8. Hey Nathan
  9. How am I supposed to post
  10. Watching Naomi and Ely’s
  11. Can you guys
  12. Wendy Williams shading Julie Chen
  13. Do you have days where
  14. *kneels on floor at work*
  15. Ice tea imported from England
  16. Unfilter me
  17. That feeling
  18. Ak72-nd
  19. 2nd
  20. Some cute TRS cast moments
  21. On my way out from work
  22. Stars support
  23. @BBUK fans
  24. People I’m struggling to like on BBUK
  25. Why has it taken Channel 5
  26. I have a really bad habit
  27. Do you ever just sit back
  28. I went to a Spanish club last night
  29. Ask me whatever you want
  30. I was denied access to a club tonight
  31. Omg Space Jam 2
  32. I’m dying my hair navy blue
  33. It feels so wrong
  34. Honestly my fav type of guys
  35. Guys, how do you deal with body hair?
  36. Just watching ep 2 of BBUK
  37. I think my personality irl
  38. Okay
  39. Guess we know what ‘soaps’ are now
  40. Why do tgers always choose

What happened to 5SOS?

Mar 7, 2018 by Anas
She looks so perfect was a major hit in 2011, they toured with 1D and practically fell of the planet since then. They could've been the prime boyband of this gen since 1D quit...


they just weren't very interesting and had nothing to offer tbh.
Amnesia is a bop tho < 3
Sent by Arris,Mar 7, 2018
Ikr I was thinking the same they were gone for like 4 years and just show up with want you back
Sent by RasCity,Mar 7, 2018
Arris I never got into Amesia. They were pop-rock and Aussies so they were deffo unique, I think they got screwed over by management and branding.

RasCity just saw an interview of them and thought the same. I'm surprised they are still going, they seem out of energy tbh
Sent by Anas,Mar 7, 2018

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