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  2. Aw Peeps
  3. I feel like i'd appreciate
  4. Some people here
  5. World is waking up
  6. So I managed to
  7. Anyone seen the film The Vow?
  8. What did Adam do on
  9. Can we just all ignore
  10. This topic is old news
  11. How do you bond with
  12. Give me Film suggestions please
  13. I love making
  14. I swear this guy
  15. Is reddit down
  16. Yikes at Megan Markle's
  17. Imagine being pressed about
  18. Went to watch Oceans 8
  19. Dream BB cast concepts
  20. My contact lens
  21. I think I’ve accidentally
  22. Genderquake
  23. I’m convincing myself
  24. Can someone explain
  25. Is it me or does the site
  26. It’s fun seeing
  27. Would you go to the cinema
  28. Applying for jobs...
  29. Contemplating on
  30. I take it that animal crossing
  31. My throat is sore
  32. I've met 3 tgers now
  33. Did he talk about you?
  34. PYN
  35. I’m always so confused
  36. Pokemon x Animal crossing collab
  37. Pyn for a gift
  38. Guess the annoying ass tger
  39. Guys give me ideas
  40. My family members

I'm so glad

Aug 30, 2017 by Anas
Taylor Swift has put Kanye and Kim back in their place. They claimed to make her famous but now she's the one breaking all the records & getting them headlines soo.. #karma


This is not true
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 30, 2017
She doesnt like theyre little Games, nor the role they made her play, of the fool, yeah she does,t like them
This might be the most stupid and annoying comment ever
Sent by rodrigueseve,Aug 30, 2017
Matthew09 trust me, I get Taylor is partially guilty in this feud but nowhere near the levels of these 2. From Kanye taking her award moment, Kim tweeting a snake emoji on national snake day (implying Taylor), making a nude replica of her for a music video and then making the crowds at Kanye's concert to chant 'Fuck Taylor.' - they are extremely petty.
Sent by Anas,Aug 30, 2017

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