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Jun 28, 2019 by Analiese

Kylie - she went on a date with a non-binary drag queen, is constantly turnt and gave us the best confessional of the episode (“I will fuck your entire family”).  A GODDESS.

Jasmine - reminds me so much of Loren from BGC 12 (“I DONT TRUST NO MF BITCH”).  So pretty and such a good backstory, she is DEFINITELY gonna remain one of my favorites.

Remy - Was completely irrelevant to me in the preseason but SKSKSKS he was so funny this episode.  “Are you into piss play?” SENT ME.  Lol king of being a whore but I don’t think I’m gonna like him much after seeing the preview for next episode (Breaking up Kai + Jenna).


Nour - Beautiful and again, has a great backstory.  She’s definitely gonna be a fan fave but I don’t like her with Justin???  I don’t like the way she’s handling Amber at all but I still like her a lot, based on the previews I’m assuming she is gonna move on from Justin and get back with her.

Kari - She’s adorable and so fun, I love her narrating confessionals.  She was super cool about letting Kai and Jenna further bond and she’s probably the girl that would be my best friend in the house.  Hopefully she gets an edit outside of narration.

Kai/Jenna - They’re pretty much a unit right now so I’m writing the same thing about them.  I loved Kai’s backstory, it truly rugged at my lil’ heartstrings.  I like Jenna with Kai but find her to be a little much on her own.  Cute couple tho!


Max - FUCK ME.  Also loved his backstory, I can definitely tell he’s getting an arc in the future.  Feel pride!!

Brandon - ALSO FUCK ME.  Also loved his backstory, not sure what his arc is gonna be tho.  Im hoping we get to see more of those abs (this show is making me too horny)


Amber - she’s pretty and I enjoyed her backstory of coming into her own as a luscious lesbian.  However, her jealousy and borderline obsession with Nour was kinda offputting?  I get it tho, if you know she’s the one go for her!

Aasha - She had one confessional and one brief scene in a montage.  She is this high solely because of the montage faceplant.  An absolute QUEEN.  Other than that she was both invisible and irrelevant, hopefully she gets more screen time!

Paige - She was one of my preseason faves but she’s been kinda boring thus far?  I hope she displays more personality soon because she’s HOT.

Basit - I find him to be somewhat arrogant and offputting, but the more I see of him the more I feel like this arrogance is him covering up his insecurity.  I found his relationship with Kylie to be weird at first but I actually really hope it goes somewhere, they’re both super fun individuals and they deserve happiness.  Hopefully his mentality changes as the season commences!


Justin - he’s hot.  But he knows he’s hot.  He feels like he’s gonna be the resident douchebag of the season.  But if I get a couple of scenes of him making out with a guy before the end of the season I won’t be all that mad.

Danny - I thought he was so cute in the preseason but he’s actually a full blown geek and it’s not incredibly attractive.  I liked seeing him let loose though, hopefully he gets a narrative that steers away from his smarts.

Jonathan - He got a fair amount of screen time this week... and I just didn’t like him.  His insecurity was SCREAMING and the hair, while beautiful, is just kinda ridiculous to me.  He’s totally gonna be the one that never makes a move until after the season and cries in confessional every episode...

1. Kylie
2. Jasmine
3. Remy
4. Nour
5. Kari
6. Kai
7. Jenna
8. Max
9. Brandon
10. Amber
11. Aasha
12. Paige
13. Basit
14. Justin
15. Danny
16. Jonathan

- OVERALL, I’m very excited for this season.  It’s entirely a bisexual cast, I recommend everyone checks it out!  Who are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments / if you want to be tagged in the future!

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