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  1. wow I called Faysal's noms
  2. is cloak and dagger good?
  3. Im surprised more of tengaged
  4. Sam is annoying
  5. I can't wait til Thursday
  6. Apparently Rockstar
  7. flashback to first ever otev comp
  8. Scenarios
  9. Sam
  11. I wouldn't even be shocked if
  12. "how's your day going??"
  13. hacker comp question
  14. I mean Sam is insane for that meeting
  15. Angela during her goodbye message:
  16. Every time Foutte
  17. How do you get a question wrong
  18. I get it is a game
  19. So what are your intentions with my daughter?
  20. Scenarios
  21. Tyler is not as bad as Paul
  22. that apple store robbery
  23. game recognizes game
  24. Angela is savage
  25. BB20 theme
  26. unpopular opinion
  27. Bayleigh may have messed up
  28. Which one of you tweeted this LOL
  29. There's some things I don't get
  30. That power sucked lol
  31. To be fair
  32. This was Kaitlyn in that challenge
  33. JC flipped his vote
  34. Survivor South Africa
  35. I wish Vanessa Rousso
  36. I can't believe
  37. Oh
  38. Are people really trying to get Insatiable
  39. BB20 eviction scenarios
  40. Why are they making

The Amazing Race

Feb 9, 2018 by Amanyaman
I didn't blame Jessica for keeping the phone roadblock answers to herself but kinda annoying how she got mad at Evan for being upfront about not working together.  Like punch her in the face for that??  Plus her tooth's already chipped lol.


Evan's snaggle tooth and Henry's virginity will be her only souvenirs from tar 30.
Sent by Moonfelar,Feb 9, 2018
i love Jessica so idc

i say stuff like that all the time it's just not having a filter
Sent by hwest14,Feb 9, 2018

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