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A song I wrote about Irelia.

Jul 8, 2020 by AmandaBynes
I just wanted to get to the truth of Jessica you know, just figure out who she is, how she became a drug addict. You know I want to cover the binge drinking, the sleeping around, the anorexia.

I really can't think of a better way to commemorate a tengager than by writing a musical about them! So here goes nothing...

Ecstasy, ecstasy, E E E E ecstasy ... 
Ecstasy, ecstasy, E E E E ecstasy ... 
Ecstasy, ecstasy, E E E E ecstasy ... 

She's a slut and she knows it.
She want's to root all the boys.
She can't help taking the drugs on a Saturday night.
She can't help being a slut on a Saturday night.

(It's a nice slow chorus.. this part, it just repeats itself 3 times over.)

Jessica Ladris
When girls take drugs and then they die..
Who would of thought at Orite High
On days like these... it's a bummer heights high!

*A nice violin solo will be playing here for 14 seconds*

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica... you're a slut.

Irelia I hope you can appreciate the time and effort I put into this. I really went to a dark place to gather the right emotions to pour into this piece, I have really put my artistry on the line here & just hope that this collection of work can really lift your spirit and bring you to a more brighter pasture.

I am always here for you, if you ever need a chat please reach out.

Kindest Regards,


Hi Jay,
This beautiful melody is EXACTLY what the doctor prescribed to get me out of my depressed haze. Thank you for always being such a good friend.
All my love,
Sent by Irelia,Jul 8, 2020

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