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I can't believe

Jul 4, 2020 by AmandaBynes
America is 2020 years old. In 80 years it will be 3000. That's crazy to me! Happy 4th <3


Sent by lemonface,Jul 4, 2020
Happy 4th <333 God Bless Honduras
Sent by woah,Jul 4, 2020
no you idiot, 2020 A.D means 2020 years After Dinosaurs
Sent by Akeria,Jul 4, 2020
AmandaBynes this blog... I think... is possibly your best blog ever. I literally spat out my drink 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Sent by Becksta20,Jul 4, 2020
Happy 4th of July! 鈾ワ笍
Sent by valgarfield,Jul 4, 2020

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