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So heartbreaking

Jan 2, 2020 by AmandaBynes
A third of the worlds koala population has been wiped out due to these fires. Australia is literally burning to the ground and the government refuses to take action. It’s fucked.


I mean the government could do more but they cant exactly stop a huge ass fire. rip the koalas though i would sacrifice myself for them to come back
Sent by chillum,Jan 2, 2020
chillum majority of these fires could of been prevented if they listened to the advise of firefighters & allowed them to back burn during winter
Sent by AmandaBynes,Jan 2, 2020
Sent by systrix,Jan 2, 2020
AmandaBynes controlled burns are risky and there's no guarantee it would've put a stop to this year's wildfires.
Sent by Akeria,Jan 2, 2020

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