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Public service announcement

Sep 17, 2019 by AmandaBynes
Are you sick of titoburitto clogging up your blogs page with dumb shit that makes you want to fucking kill yourself?

Well, worry not cunts, here is a guide to removing Tito off of your blogs page.

1. Go to blogs page.
2. Add everybody, and I mean literally everybody, that blogs.
2a. Even if you hate the person, add them as a friend anyways.
3. Once you have added every single person on Tengaged possible,
4. Use this link to view the blogs page:

Now you will never see shit on the blogs page!

You're welcome TG


5 minute hacks!
Sent by Batya,Sep 17, 2019
Stfu butch
Sent by titoburitto,Sep 17, 2019
Already pressed the vote button under his name
Sent by moonshine123,Sep 17, 2019
Stop copying my old blogs you retarded bitch
Sent by ElectraViv,Sep 17, 2019
Btw @titoburrito I originally made this about someone else not you King
Sent by ElectraViv,Sep 17, 2019
save me
Sent by KidDrift76,Sep 17, 2019
luv u shawty ElectraViv I am SO sorry this tacky bitch would try to compare herself to u.
Sent by titoburitto,Sep 17, 2019

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