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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I really do not understand

14thDec 15, 2020 by Allison
how a week ago you stated on fetish's blog and SC that your self proclaimed ONE lapse of judgement where you preyed on a minor where you told a 13 year old innocent girl that her feet makes you hard DOESN'T make you a pedophile. Whether its one action, many actions, that is an act of grooming a minor. A 13 year old doesn't know better when you said to her, "let me know if I should stop." You can say whatever you want zakisaboss but you are a pedo, not a boss. There has to be a reason why a handful of girls on tengaged have been saying time and time again that you creep on them. There has to be a reason why girls are still blogging to this day still feeling bothered by it. A person who rapes just once is still considered a rapist. A person who grooms a minor even just once is still considered a pedo. ****BURPS AND DROPS MIC***


I take responsibility for that lapse of judgement from 7 years ago and don't try to pretend my actions can be justified. Call it what you want, it was wrong. A pedophile has a unnatural preference for underage women which I definitely don't have.
Sent by zakisaboss,Dec 15, 2020
He鈥檚 been getting exposed for YEARS it鈥檚 not a coincidence that this keeps happening. I just wish I knew this was going on before I started talking to him
Sent by Fetish,Dec 15, 2020
Sent by Chic,Dec 15, 2020

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