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11thOct 17, 2017 by AllieBoBallie

so I really need something good to happen so PLS tell me something good that happened to you today, this week, this month.... channeling good vibes, miracles, positivity here so maybe i can catch what's going around u know what im saying

edit: OMG im literally in tears im so happy to hear that there is still good things in this world pls keep sharing!


i woke up
Sent by Bridgette77,Oct 17, 2017
i got dominos
Sent by Kelly0412,Oct 17, 2017
being friends w u <3
Sent by titoburitto,Oct 17, 2017
I got two points back on a legal nursing quiz <3 <3 :*
Sent by MarieTori,Oct 17, 2017
i won 7 bucks on a scratch card today
Sent by marrrss,Oct 17, 2017
uh damn now that i think about it literally nothing good happened to me like ever this month so thats cool
Sent by RoboZoe,Oct 17, 2017
my mom became cancer free this past week!!
Sent by Notsae,Oct 17, 2017
i talked to u...
Sent by FighterMan,Oct 17, 2017
Saturday when i opened my mortgage bill it was a check instead and i really needed the extra money
Sent by ticofernandez,Oct 17, 2017
i get 2 days off every weekend
Sent by iamremedy,Oct 17, 2017
I got 96 on my psychology midterm!
Sent by Philip13,Oct 17, 2017
i leveled up as a guitarist and im no longer a learner.
Sent by RyanAndrews,Oct 18, 2017
becoming close friends with you <3
Sent by garrievans97,Oct 18, 2017

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