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1stJul 12, 2014 by AllieBoBallie
image#Superfreak : AllieBoBallie is a sweet girl and stuff and I sorta wanna ask her out but I feel like she'll just reject me. Actually to be completely honest, I know she'll reject me. The only THONG stopping me from asking her is the idea that this moment right now won't exist. The moment that I've been living in all these years I've known her. The moment that let's me fantasize about the possibility of us growing old together and sharing ourselves emotional, spiritually and sexually (of course) together. All that would come to an end after she rejects me.

[10:21:12 PM] Stefan: you're a funny girl i like talking to you and i feel like if we kept talking we could be best friends

[11:58:29 PM] Sagar: allieboballie is nice

[11:59:47 PM] alexa: Allie youre more tolerable than everyone elsei n this group
[12:01:24 AM] alexa: allie you used to kind of scare me because you knew everyones secrets but now that we've actually been talking youre super girl and fun 2 be around

Lucinda 0 min ago
Shoutout to AllieBOBAllie for having the best eyes i have ever seen

From Timberlie
to BengalBoy

[12:48:07 AM] Ben Milkisgood: ily Alliebohottie I mean Allieboballie, we've been friends for ~a while~ now and you're one of the funniest people I've met, and on top of that you're also able to be sweet and honest, all of which contributes to your likability by just about everyone. We make fun of each other sometimes, but it's only because deep down we really love each other and all that junk =]

[1:03:47 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: but still get a shop
[1:04:01 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): ill compete to take u out
[1:04:03 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): =]
[1:04:12 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: i will lick u
[1:04:35 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): NOW I AM DEFINITELY DOING THAT (inlove)
[1:05:06 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: WOW
[1:05:17 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: id bang ya if u dont compete
[1:05:40 AM] Allieeee (✿◠‿◠): OMG DONT STOP TELL ME MORE
[1:05:48 AM] Cesc is 2OvaDaTop4Vivz: LOOOOOOL

from aimers: AllieBoBallie OK WE ARE NEW FRIENDS, AND YOU SUCK FOR MAKING ME AND CHRISTIAN LOSE EM :( actually it's his fault because he didn't see through your poker face!!! ALSO YOU GAVE ME A 6 I SWEAR!!! alright this is weird but let's stay friends =]

AllieBoBallie more like AllieBoBallsy for posting that starships vlog in a public forum
Sent by donaam,Aug 6, 2014

#Rebelman2227: allieboballie: So we met in that one hunger games and honestly I said to myself, oh no, another one of cam's shitty girlfriends. Little did i know that underneath all the shit was a cute little accent, an adorable little face and most of all, acne. Ok no but seriously, you're one of my favourites to talk to now and i know that we will keep talking more everyday and you will continue to mean more to me everyday and i love knowing that that will happen. Can't wait till that day where we meet because we'd have so much fun together and end the day a few kisses on the cheek and maybe a lil more. Can't wait to see your reaction to this and can't wait to get to know you more. Ily #AllieBaeAngel

#Superfreak: AllieBoBallie You want a long opinion and I know if I don't give you one then you're going to complain to me. So here's the deal, I'm going to make the majority of this opinion filler. At a first glance you're going to be excited to read what I wrote about you. You're going to have that heart racing feeling where it feels like there's a hunger rat hopped up on crack stuck in your chest desperately trying to get out. But unfortunately, it'll fade away and to be completely honest it probably already has. You've already read so much and have satisfied so little of your curiosity of what I think about you. You hate me now. You're pissed that I didn't take your request seriously and also gradually getting even more pissed that I think I know you enough to give you a run down of the emotional roller coaster you're going through while reading this. But wait, what's that? That's Cam not being a complete dick. Yes that's right, this is where the opinion starts. This is where I finally talk about what I think about the infamous AllieBaeAngel. Or is it? No it's not. Okay yes it is. Sorry I know you're getting tired of this so I'll stop. Allie, I'm happy I started talking to you because for that two year time span where I didn't know where you went I thought about you every now and then. I wondered if you remembered me and I wondered if it was weird that I was so curious about what was going on in your life when we had only talked for so little. This is a little off topic but I know you'll be interested in hearing this type of this because you like to know what types of things trigger people's memories of you and things like that. Here is mine for you. When we started talking, you told me to get into this show called Harper's Island. You explained the concept to me and I thought it was pretty cool but I never gave it a look. A little while after you telling me that we had stopped talking and I think that was because you left for school, but that doesn't matter. Anyway, I spent a whole weekend watching that show because of you. So you can feel special knowing you were responsible for my entertainment for a weekend. I also really enjoy our deep talks. You have a lot to say and I doubt either of us have scratched the surface with the types of thoughts we get. All in all, I'm glad we got close, you're a cool ass friend to have and I purposely did this all in one paragraph to make it harder to read.


♥TheSneakFromManc- Allie, I have known you longer then probably anyone else on tengaged.. and im so glad i know you. There have been times where we've been best friends, and times where I took you for granted, but im so fortunate to still have you as a friend, because you honestly know how to make me smile when i'm upset, make me laugh when i want to, and just cheer me up. We have so many good memories on habbo tinychat skype and tengaged, and i hope for many more to come, < 3

♥LadyDavie - AllieBoBallie: The first time we met was in a random call where a certain person loves to troll you. Since then we joined my most drama filled castings ever and I got to know you a lot better! You are a genuinely nice girl who has your head on straight, and that's hard to find! You really get picked on hard sometimes but are never afraid to stick up for yourself or let things get to you, and I admire that. I hope we can join another game sometime :)

♥Mermaid - AllieBoBallie: We have had tons of fights, but deep down, I know that you're one of my best friends. You're really sweet when you're not mad, and you can almost replace Katrina when she's not there. I really just adore you, also.

♥Timster - AllieBoBallie: I know you on here & on another site. You are amazingly kind & sweet. But one good quality that outshines the most about you is that you are down to earth. You are probably one of the most REAL people i've ever met on the internet. You tell it like it is but not in a mean way. You are just completley real in personality and aren't fake. Thats what sets you apart from the crowd. So one word I can describe you as is: Sensible

♥Questionable - AllieBoBallie: After meeting you, a lot changed about me. I'm now a lot more positive, feel better, generally happier, and latex free. I love the sign you made me and you're one of my best friends on tengaged. I can tell you anything, and I know you'll listen, you're just amazing. You're also my good luck charm in games, whenever I join with you I seem to good lol< 3 I love going on calls with you too! We've only known each other for maybe a month now, if that, and how close we are already shows how amazing we are  < 3 I really have nothing negative to say about you, you're too nice I guess LOL. ily Allie< 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

♥TinyDancer - AllieBoBalle: I LOVE YOU, you are amazing.. we should meet irl.. i want to give you such a big hug and tell you, you are worth so much more < 3 im glad when we play games.. although you always lose to me :(

♥Anthony2011Class - Allie: one of my closer friends now, we talk almost everyday, and i really enjoy you, you sing karaoke with me < 3. you also have amazing taste in music. Please know i think you are a really good person < 3.

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