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It's a bad day, not a bad life.

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i have no hairvote Nov 14, 2018
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☼ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK! ☼ Nov 9, 2018
imageHAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACKY ANNE! I love you sister friend, lady boy and now certified senior citizen.  I am thankful to have been friends with you for so long.  You are my favorite person to both celebrate and bitch about adult life with and the only bitch i know who can pull off swadles™ red lips.  I appreciate you so much!  I hope it is one of your greatest birthdays you ever have! You deserve it <3

Here are some messages from some close friends :)


Happy 24th Birthday Zack,
2018 has been a shit year for me, but the one thing that made it 10x's better was meeting you. To have a new pet bitch follow me around and do what i say at any command is amazing, really glad you are that desp for me. Hope you have an amazing day getting high and drunk and prob hooking up with your ex. You're one of the few people that i enjoy talking to here and i am grateful for that. Love you pet bitch and thanks for always motivating me when i'm feeling down!!!
- fighterman

happy bday sister zackeline miss talking 2 u even tho i deal with ur annoying gay ass in chats every day but still i hope u have the best day ever babe maybe u'll meet up with annalise keating n she will teach u how to practice law?? bcus u clearly suck but grats on passing the granola bar exam or whatever u took a few months ago proud of u!
- petro

no i hate him
- bridgette77

happy birthday star me back in the sorority
- robozoe

omg my fav girl on tengaged is finally legal today!!! miss u so much and hope we can talk soon! have a great day <3
- maturo

- scalene

I hope you have a terrible birthday.
Love, Patrick
- patrick319

HAPPY BDAY BITCHIE! 35 never looked so good! kidding but not really use some more concealer we can all see the crows feet under ur eyes! have a lovely day little lady boy cannot wait to slay the fields of justice with u when u come home drugged up and paralytic! ENJOY XO!
- violets

- piddu

happy bday from dianemcphearson cant wait to turn up at crews and tangos giggles
- levonini

Happy Birthday Zack! Glad to have met you this year and hope to get to know you more! I know deep down you are actually super soft even though you pretend to not be!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic birthday and not die today!
- icebeast

Happy Birthday King xx We haven’t spoke in a while but you are a loyal king in Roblox BB have a good day xoxoxo
- halloween

Happy birtyday trust! Its been a pleasure getting to know you for the past few months.. hope ur having fun in my side bitch city! Have a blast and hope you have another 100 happy birthdays coming to you.. Also im better than you at sum me
- ak73

Trustine u r boo boo the fool trying to play survivor without a social game but otherwise I’m glad I met you this year, ur ok! Allie is rushing me so @_@ but ya thanks for not voting me out of survivor and being a good pal haha happy birthday gay
- gigi10
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HELLO ☼ GOOD VIBES Oct 21, 2018
About a year ago i was down in the dumps and so I made a blog asking everyone to post something good that happened to you today, this week, this month, or even this year!  I wanted to channel those good vibes and positivity so maybe some of it would rub off on me and honestly, shortly after I did that last year, something good did finally happen!! SOOOO in the spirit of tradition and because i think we could all hear it..... PLEASE post something good that happened to you recently <3 Anything, big or small, matters and should be celebrated!

For reference to anyone who wanted to see what good happened last year:
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Mar 17, 2018
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Mar 1, 2018
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DELETE Nov 10, 2017
❤ ❤
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