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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

3rdFeb 29, 2016 by AlissaRose428
imageGet out the vote!


Sent by Etienne,Feb 29, 2016
IKR! someone wrote me on facebook about that, I feel SOOO bad, I don't turn 18 until april 4th:/
Sent by RasCity,Feb 29, 2016
Sent by cjuddy,Feb 29, 2016
OMG I want to be there!!!!!!!
Sent by silas86,Feb 29, 2016
Sent by cswaggerr,Feb 29, 2016
Sent by AustinRules6969,Feb 29, 2016
isn't lucy canadian? ROFL
Sent by coreyants,Feb 29, 2016
If Bernie lost the primary, would you guys vote for Hillary? Just wondering.
Sent by _Aria,Feb 29, 2016
enjoy hell
Sent by obscurity,Feb 29, 2016
Sent by Survivor8,Feb 29, 2016
I'm rooting for Hillary, but you guys are cute
Sent by tharealmike,Mar 1, 2016
Sent by amills5,Mar 1, 2016
LOL obscurity
Sent by brandonpinzu,Mar 1, 2016
He would be perfect and is still pretty good but hes jewish
Sent by gezyg33,Mar 1, 2016
I did a quiz and it said I should support Bernie so GO BERNIE
Sent by Richpaca,Mar 1, 2016
so ur not voting for the female cool
Sent by macken,Mar 1, 2016

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