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Its my birthday woo Nov 29, 2019
and none of my friends remembered, SLAY
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!!!!! 💖 Nov 9, 2019
Please leave my good sis CamilaMendes some birthday wishes and messages of support in the comments as she is not happy nor excited about her birthday.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!!!!!!!! Im truly honored to be your friend and cherish our friendship more than you know, we may have our ups and downs but we always get through them and you are always the one person I can always rely on <3 love you sis - AlexaVonTrayne

Happy Birthday Marie! xoxo Luv u more than Megan - Devin (no tengaged account )

Marie you my bitch i hope we can meet up again and take a shot together because you’re an icon. Im glad we;re friends and hope you have a great bday because you deserve it sis  - bigdizzleyomama

Happy birthday Marie you crazy dyke! I think you have a warm heart to you like a. Cookie and you will be the best assistant manager we seen baby gurl - Batya

marie i can't really express how much i actually love you you're really sweet and optimistic and easy to get along with and it's so nice to talk to you when ur like one of the only people who validates me so yeah happy birthday queen :3c - Cyrus

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE! I know you're not looking forward to it and I relate on that level, but I'll try and make your day a little better by telling you how much I love you and love talking to you!You light up any room you enter and everyone loves and appreciates you. Thank you for always being there for me especially as of recently since we've started talking more. You're an amazing editor and have great taste in shows, and the fact that you always support my career goals means a lot. You deserve the world, and I hope you get what you deserve. Happy Birthday Marie ❤️ - HaliFord

hey Marie ! you are like the sweetest person ever ily have a happy birthday queen - Kelly0412

Happy birthday to my scorpio sister Marie!! I love you so much, keep doing good things and live your best life!! <3 - isandeh

Happy Birthday Marie! I think you are a wonderful lady. The EJ to my Nini baby! Happy 19th make it a good one queen.
P.S. Still waiting for my Texas Roadhouse Rolls & Butter - MmabatlokoaMolefe

Marie <3 We haven’t spoken in forever but I want you to know that i’m so proud of everything that you’ve been accomplishing so far lately, Just know that you’ll always have a special place in my heart =] Happy Birthday! - Saftronbtr999

marie!! happy bday gal. i ❤️ you and i know we don't talk much but you have a very good heart and deserve to have an AMAZING day and year ahead.... you are so kind to me and all your friends and that's a trait i really admire!! you are so resilient and i know this year will be amazing for u ^_^ - mathboy9

now help my good sis hit 100 views on her edit
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It was me. Oct 11, 2019
I cut his LVAD wire. I did it, no one helped me. And now... I thought I was a surgeon, but, I am not, so I quit.
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TBA Aug 5, 2019
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TBA May 12, 2019
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TBA May 8, 2019
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