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Aleks's Drag Race: Season 1, Episode 7

Nov 14, 2019 by AleksLawson_

Last week KammeronMichael Kameron Michaels was eliminated

We are now down to just 4 queens

This weeks final Mini Challenge winner is...... Jonster Shangela


This weeks Maxi Challenge is a makeover challenge, The remaining queens will give a past queen a makeover

For winning the Mini Challenge Jonster Shangela gets to chose who the queens get to makeover

Jonster Shangela chooses for herself...... Amnesia_ Bianca Del Rio

CORNACIA Divina de Campo is given....... Squiggles Yvie Oddly

Jameslu Ivy Winters is given......... Corie Cheryl Hole

melindaMrskk Naomi Smalls is given......... aria_grande Adore Delano

As KammeronMichael Kameron Michaels and turkeylover Monique Heart were not chosen  they will not be part of this challenge.


The runway theme this week is Evil Twins, The queens must hit the runway with Identical looks.


This weeks results are in............

The winner of this weeks and final challenge is........ CORNACIA Divina de Campo

In a suprising twist, This week if you didnt win the challenge you are up for elimination

Jameslu Ivy Winters
melindaMrskk Naomi Smalls
Jonster Shangela

you are all up for elimination

One of you is about to be eliminated by CORNACIA Divina de Campo

CORNACIA Divina de Campo please make your decision, who are you sending home?...

CORNACIA Divina de Campo has made her decision

Jonster Shangela
Jameslu Ivy Winters

Shantay you stay

melindaMrskk Naomi Smalls, sashay away


I was going to originally have a twist where the eliminated queen chose someone to return but it seemed unfair so instead we will stick to the Final 3
Sent by AleksLawson_,Nov 14, 2019
Alright, this wasn’t an easy decision. However, purely based off of track record, the queen I am sending home is...

Naomi Smalls. I’m so sorry :(
Sent by CORNACIA,Nov 14, 2019
Thanks for the vote CORNACIA
Sent by AleksLawson_,Nov 15, 2019
Sent by Squiggles,Nov 15, 2019
Im negging all your blogs, you scumbag
Sent by Squiggles,Nov 15, 2019

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