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BrantSteele Queens - ALL STARS (Sweepstakes)

Oct 13, 2020 by AlanDuncan
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Azure Tribe
Dora The Explorer - Survivor Madagascar (5th Place)

From our 5th season, Dora returns being the only player to use the super idol in BrantSteele Queen history. Winning 9/11 Tribal Immunity challenges and still managing to receive the most votes in her season, will this Latina explorer make it deep into the game?

Kamala Harris - Survivor Bali (8th Place)

This VP elect made it all the way to Top 8 on the first season. After being put on the doomed Dewi tribe and merging in a minority, this queen nullified 8 votes against her in an iconic idol play...though this prolonged the inevitable. Will she get a better run this time.

Katya Jones - Survivor HvV I (5th Place)

This Strictly Come Dancing man stealer successfully navigated the doomed Villains tribe who merged 7-3 in minority and managed to squirm her way to Top 5 before being taken out with the rest of her villains before FTC.

Nicole Franzel - Survivor Reality Showdown (9th Place)

This production plant famously fought on Day 2 of our 7th season against BB Royalty Janelle Pierzina, causing the later to quit for 20th. Nicole continued to have meltdowns on the island leading to her eventual near unanimous vote out, but not before saving herself with a good idol play. Will this whiny Grodner pet manage to get through this season without crying?

Teardrop - Survivor Wuhan (13th Place)

This ex-BFDI contestant had a rocky time in Wuhan. Nobody wanted to work with her but she held her own, finding and playing an idol in the series first 1-0 vote (5 votes voided). She made the merge but her unpopularity meant she was the first one voted out and began the jury.

Willam - Survivor New Orleans (2nd Place)

From the controversial 4th season, which implemented Edge of Extinction, This controversial Drag Race alum was the 2nd person voted out before returning at the merge, surviving an instant attempt to vote her back off before fighting her way to the Final Tribal Council, reviving 4 jury votes and finishing runner-up

Medalin Tribe
Cris Crotz - Survivor HvV I (4th Place)

The Whodunnit? killer joined the unfortunate Villains tribe in HvV. After making the merge, her and her villains found a foothold before being pagonged out.

Jacinda Ardern - Survivor New Orleans (3rd Place)

After controversially being voted out 1st on Day 3, this New Zealand Prime Minister returned from Edge of Extinction on Day 36 and was dragged to the end by better players for an easy 3rd place. Will she get a fair run at this season or will she meet a similar fate?

Kelly Belly Ohio - Survivor Wuhan (20th Place)

Weighing in at probably like 1000lbs. This body positivity blogger and Insta queen was idoled out on Day 3 of our 2nd season. Will this Covid-19 risk manage to improve her game and make the merge this time?

Lilo Pelekai - Survivor HvV 1 (2nd Place)

Despite making the 0 votes club on her Original Season, she could only get 2 jury votes. Will she more cutthroat this time or will she fade to the background once more and play Robin to a better player?

Summer Smith - Survivor Madagascar (3rd Place)

Eerily similar to Lilo, this Rick & Morty alum made it to Day 39 without reviving a vote and only got 2 jurors to vote for her to win. Summer was part of the dominate tribe with All-Star rival Dora, winning 9/11 immunites and merging in the White Girl majority. Will she prove she deserved more this time round?

Urbosa - Survivor Bali (3rd Place)

This Gerudo legend received many minority votes throughout her run to the end, though never in danger. Fans think she deserved better than the solitary jury vote (from All-Stars Rival Kamala Harris). Will this Hyrule Champion prove she deserved the win this season or will she meet her Thunderblight Ganon?

Confuego Tribe
Flannery - Survivor Wuhan (7th Place)

This Hoenn Gym Leader played an exciting, though fruitless game in Wuhan. Playing idols and navigating the merge minority before succumbing a mystery illness at Top 7 and being medically evacuated. Production refused to comment on suggestions she tested Positive for COVID-19 whilst on a reward. Will she retain her health this season or will she be MedVaced twice?

Greta Gremlin - Survivor Bali (2nd Place)

The one female gremlin shocked observers by making the FTC in the first season. After a F13 merge, Greta nullified 7 votes at the first merge TC, eliminating Tengaged's own Malibu Barbiie Delish and changing the power on the tribe and ensuring all 7 that voted her swiftly left the game.

Jimbo - Survivor Reality Showdown I (12th Place)

The Drag Race Canada favourite won every Pre-Merge Immunity, though this wasn't enough to make the jury after being voted out in the first merge TC (her first). Will she fulfil her dream of making the Jury this time round?

Maria Sharapova - Survivor Africana (2nd Place)

The only player from the 3rd season coming back this time round. Maria cruised to the F2 but lost in an embarrassing 9-0 jury vote to Natalie Nunn. She wants to prove that she wasn't dragged to the end and that she should be feared.

Michaela Wain - Survivor HvV I (3rd Place)

ROBBED! Fans were horrified when Michaela placed 3rd after getting 1 jury vote in HvV, considering her TWO consecutive idol plays flipped her Heroes 4-3 minority to a 3-2 majority. Rachel Adadeji may have won the season, but its argued none of the F3 would have been there if it weren't for this Apprentice UK's moves.

Morgan McLeod - Survivor Reality Showdown I (3rd Place)

This wildcard made it to the end of the most recent season my randomly flipping herself almost every tribal and during ties. Will this wildcard have her game respected by the jury this time or will her WC status make her an early target?


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