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Nommed for 12th

Feb 5, 2019 by AlanDuncan
I’ve been playing well up until now and I’m not ready to leave. I’m ready to shake this game up and slay some of the sheep.

I’ve had a lot on my plate the last 24hours but I’m free now the play the beat game I can. Everyone in the game has an anyone but I culture and that creeps up on you very fast if everyone is on that page. I’m playing loyal, strong, I’m not scared to backstab a hoe.

I want to stay and I think I’ve done more that my opponent so.....

Save me please xoxox




+15, truly inspiring blog
Sent by PaulaDeen,Feb 5, 2019
Goodluck :)
Sent by Iceey,Feb 5, 2019

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