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Pokemon ORAS Came Out 2Day

Nov 28, 2014 by AlanDuncan
in Europe.

It's actually slaying, I caught a Lvl 13 Surskit in the 2nd route with that sneak thing


It's been out for a week in the US, but I think I am buying it today for Black Friday ;)
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Nov 28, 2014
LOL surskit, cute!

I already bought it < 3
Sent by Tetsuya,Nov 28, 2014
as soon as I got pokeballs I went to catch something and a shiny Zigzagoon came out and i actually cried because ive never seena shiny before but did it rlly have to be a zigzagoon. I caught it regardless.
Sent by dak236,Nov 28, 2014

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