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Do I Look Good Here?vote Jun 23, 2018
Points: 39 3 comments
I'll Continue To Vote Jun 19, 2018
Point / bamold1999 in stars as long as people are still dumb to let him and Ray go unnommed like lmao.

I stan icons.
Points: 26 1 comments
Me - "I don't have a type" Jun 17, 2018
Also me - "Why does my dick rise at every hispanic I see"
Points: 35 2 comments
Tell Me How Jun 15, 2018
Miss SexGoddx can write, record and release 4 albums and go on wolrdwide tour of Bristol quicker than Rita Ora can release a follow up to 'ORA'
Points: 26 1 comments
Things I Say In 2018 Jun 12, 2018
"Oh wig."
"We stan...."
Points: 15 1 comments
Ranking S10 Lipsyncs Jun 8, 2018
11th - THE VIXEN vs Monquie Heart

Amazing song so much potential. Monquie new no words and Vixen did TOO much!

10th - KAMERON vs Miz Cracker

I feel both just did meh. Meh. Meh. Meh.

9th - EUERKA vs Kalorie

I think this was a very bad choice for a lipsync choice. Euerka did enough with the emotion to stay.

8th - THE VIXEN vs Blair St. Clair

Two different styles. I think Blair was way off but again The Vixen did too much.

7th - MAYHEM vs Yuhua

This is middle of the road. Mayhem's passion carried her but Yuhua wasn't awful. Quite a shame I thought she would go further.

6th - ASIA O'HARA vs Vixen

Vixen looked defeated after her 3rd time in the bottom and Asia turned it out. Her movements throughout the whole song were good.

5th - MONET X CHANGE vs Mayhem

Monet was a hot mess during this but she did enough and made her fugly outfit mishaps funny. She brought the gags. Mayhem was fucked.

4th - KALORIE vs Vanjie

Good start to the season. Both turned it. Vanjie was a bit fucked over by her cape *Edna Mode not impressed*. Kalorie turned it nonetheless!

3rd - KAMERON vs Monet

Both gave a good effort. I like Monet's direction more but she was a bit sloppy. Kameron had the good lighting and her stunts were super clean.


First of all, Kameron won this. But Euerka was giving me life too. Those splits and hopping and Kamerons old lady hair flip. Probably the best joint effort. Deserved to be a double shante.

1st - MONET X CHANGE vs Dusty Ray Bottoms

Dusty did her best but Monet delivered the seasons best lipsync. Up there with best solo efforts since Dida, Kennedy etc.

Points: 74 1 comments