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  1. Updated!!
  2. PYN
  3. Lost my wallet
  5. 2k Ts, cute username, 1 stars win, 4k karma
  6. I am a hugeeeeee carly rae jepsin fan
  7. Not to be homophobic
  8. wtf
  9. Is anyone else pissed
  10. Find me a funnier reality tv moment
  11. I just had a dream
  12. Is it a good thing that Adolf Hitler died
  13. Who else found out they were gay
  14. Alrighty, halloween's address is
  15. If moderation does come back
  16. Which of the following is the worst? (POLL)
  17. You guys can't tell me that Alex Ow
  18. PYN for a gift
  19. Monday left me broken,
  20. Tuesday I was through with hoping
  21. Wednesday my empty arms were open
  22. Thursday waiting for love,
  23. Waiting for love
  24. Thank the stars it's Friday
  25. I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
  26. Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday
  27. I'll be waiting for love,
  28. To come around
  29. To come around
  30. The book of Love
  31. Sure why not
  32. Well I've been afraid of changing
  33. But it's just a price I pay
  34. And I saw my reflection,
  35. Climbed a mountain
  36. What can I do?
  37. Forever faded under blue skies
  38. Cuz Ive got you with me
  39. Baller
  40. lolz

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Who else found out they were gay Nov 4, 2017
by laying eyes on Jack Dawson in Titanic.
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Alrighty, halloween's address is Oct 21, 2017
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If moderation does come back Sep 10, 2017
please make it so that they can ONLY ban people for cheating and doing shit that's extreme like posting porn or disturbing pics/vids.

The "he called me a fag ban him!" shit should NOT come back because we all know when someone got called a fag they just cared about getting that person banned, they couldn't care less about the actual word being offensive itself.

Edit: Me at this being a top blog
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Which of the following is the worst? (POLL) Aug 17, 2017
A) The majority of the BB15 cast (ofc with exceptions in Elisa, Candace, etc)
B) Frankie J Grande
C) Steve winning BB17
D) Paul and his minions BB19
E) That stupid guinea pig HoH question in BB9 that robbed Sharon
F) Alison Grodner

Or comment any other option
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You guys can't tell me that Alex Ow Aug 12, 2017
imageDoes not look like this pokemon (pic)
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PYN for a gift Sep 12, 2016
I'll choose a few people randomly.

If you have 5 or less gifts, put a "*" next to your name.

(and better yet, you can decide which design you want)

If multiple people buy blonde bianca, I'll talk to everyone for a consensus.
If 5 people actually buy the entire 5 blonde bianca stock, then unfortunately this blog won't count anymore.
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