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Anyone here ever get sleep paralysis

Jun 23, 2018 by Akora
Lightweight thought it was just something that ppl said but holy shit I got it earlier this morning. I felt something lightly press against my chest and I just ignored it but then like the next second I was pushed more aggressively and for 5 seconds I legit couldn't move.

Who here can relate


Yeah it happened once to me back when i was like 15
Sent by chibideidara,Jun 23, 2018
whenever i c u my heart is paralyzed : - 0
Sent by Zuelke,Jun 23, 2018
I get it every few weeks like it's such a weird feeling my chest and hands are numb so I can't move
Sent by BluJay112,Jun 23, 2018
its weird af
Sent by Darbe,Jun 23, 2018

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