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The book of Love

1stAug 16, 2013 by Akora
Has music in it.


stars has been a joke for ages now anyway LOL :P
Sent by Vans,Aug 16, 2013
Agreed (:
Sent by CocoaBean,Aug 16, 2013
This is SPARTA
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by Michaelf1114,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by dmann,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by _Aria,Aug 16, 2013
I have kinda sheeped once I didn't actually try to but becca( Lemonface ) is just such a good socialist she had me confused as fuck. and MattyGeee also fucked me over. I regret that stars so much.
Sent by RasGrand,Aug 16, 2013
stars has been a joke for ages now anyway LOL :P
Sent by Vans,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by etaco75,Aug 16, 2013
Stars is a popularity contest no one votes based off gameplay they vote on who they know/like more
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Aug 16, 2013
stars has been a joke for ages now anyway LOL :P
Sent by Vans,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by etaco75,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 16, 2013
I don't think anyone has ever called me an amazing Star's player.
Sent by Diva1,Aug 16, 2013
The only time I sheeped I got 16th
Sent by tinabeena,Aug 16, 2013
I feel as if the only way the public would vote based on strategy is if they make it to the end unnommed. Even then, some people would find a way to say their friends deserve it more.
Sent by JamesM,Aug 16, 2013
i don't understand by some noobs get out right away and then one randomly makes it to the end. It's like once they survive one poll people just save them for the lolz
Sent by Xbac5,Aug 16, 2013
I think a lot of times reputation has a lot to do with it too. Like in Emmaleigh's case, she's known for being a great player so if she didn't do anything and said she did people would totally believe her.

And a lot of times, a really good player will get evicted just because they're hated. It works both ways.

Hate the noob thing though. GET  RID OF IT ALREADY.
Sent by chameleoneyes,Aug 16, 2013
This is so true oh my god
Sent by aimers,Aug 16, 2013
Preach it!
Sent by iGoddess,Aug 16, 2013
true :P
Sent by cereal222,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by zakisaboss,Aug 16, 2013
I find popularity created by fake smileys =] and comments over countless blogs annoying
Sent by Anas,Aug 16, 2013
I don't really like this blog. Everybody seems to act like stars should not be a popularity contest, but of course it is, it always has been. People saying ginger is shit is not because he's an unpopular noob, it's because people are voting for him literally because he is a noob, so obviously that's going to piss people off, that this guy who can come in and have done nothing to build up a reputation can beat all these people who have been working for years to build up popularity to win stars
Sent by HelenCoops,Aug 16, 2013
Akora I posted earlier about how annoyed I am at people saying DumbGinger sucks at playing stars SIMPLY because he's a white level.. that's not logical to me, a white level can be just as capable as a tv star =|

One example I saw of this, and I still love her, it was JustMe commented how horrendous it would be for a noob to survive/win because they haven't been on TG long enough to know how to play.. I'm sorry but that's just bs :/
Sent by Jouix,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by asz9191,Aug 16, 2013
I could never sheep...But I love having them (y)

I definitely agree with this concept tho, absolutely true.
Sent by owee13,Aug 16, 2013
At the same time tho, I think that gameplay is almost meaningless in the eyes of most voters which really sucks. You can play by far the most evident best game in the house, deserve it, and still be evicted to someone popular or a flavor just because they have that popularity or momentum, despite taking any game into consideration. I'll always be so much happier getting a mediocre but decent placing knowing that I played a better game than everyone left than winning because I was a flavor or was just carried because of popularity.
Sent by owee13,Aug 16, 2013
Some people with good gameplay are appreciated for it
However this is almost completely true, I like this blog
Sent by sahmosean,Aug 16, 2013
Jouix I didnt say that it would be horrendous if they won.  If they actually play a good game, then they deserve to win, but if they are nommed over and over and over because they have no game, they don't deserve to win.

What I said was that I find it ridiculous for the ticket and seat game to take spots in stars that people who have worked hard for a long time to get.  We used to have Noob Stars, I think we should do that instead of having the seat and ticket every week. That's all I am saying.

If the seat and ticket were limited to people with a certain amount of karma or a certain color level, like maybe for people that have actually played a game other than castings, it would be different.
Sent by JustMe,Aug 16, 2013
Who cares diva1 is amazing!
Sent by Tear,Aug 16, 2013
I apologize for misreading what you said JustMe

I do see it a lot people downplaying people in stars because of colour level solely I just don't think it's fair and I agree noob stars should return =]
Sent by Jouix,Aug 16, 2013
Well I do admit I evicted him and said it was because of his color level, but in all honestly its because he was against friends that I would save anyhow.  I evicted him this time though because it's his 4th nom and his pollbox speech tells me he thinks he has it won. He isn't even trying anymore Jouix
Sent by JustMe,Aug 16, 2013
and Akora, when I won stars, it wasn't like that, it was true gameplay. I will never forget how hard I worked to get to finals. That is why I never joined again, too much work.
Sent by JustMe,Aug 16, 2013
omg ikr i fucking hate how ppl put their heads up emily and diva's asses. they're great people. but fucking vote for the person who deserves it
Sent by snowflake3,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 16, 2013
Story of my life
Sent by 5651Omar,Aug 16, 2013
Sent by TrentBBAddict99,Aug 17, 2013
Emmaleigh was actually a really good player!
Sent by Jarst,Aug 17, 2013
justme you probably did work your ass off! grats on that win! all this blog is saying is that the reputation of noobs and populars in stars are usually always the same. and i agree snowflake3, diva1 and emily are great people! but I think people can be a little too attached. helencoops that is true, about how people save noobs just because they are noobs but this blog is just about the reputation, not arguing about the saving of noobs for the lolz (you have a valid point)
Sent by Akora,Aug 17, 2013
akora i never see you around but when i do, its cuz you make a good point about something LOL
Sent by Rebelman2227,Aug 17, 2013
all true
Sent by GoodPlay,Aug 17, 2013
anyway, nobody really know the true gameplay of a stars's player.
come on, you are not in the game, how could you know?
They can blogged and posted stuff but it is all a bs.
So, Trust me, vote for the coolest eviction pic. haha, period
Sent by panzerizz,Aug 17, 2013
This is my butt
Sent by xXPeytonX3,Aug 17, 2013
Sent by o_Elle_o,Aug 17, 2013
AKora not just me, everyone in the game. It was a strong group of players and we all worked hard.
Sent by JustMe,Aug 17, 2013
If we are talking about the current stars house... I say ginger is not good being nommed 4 times... I also do not cheer for the "popular" people either... I agree gameplay does not help the popularity seeing how out of 3 times playing I have went unnommed to 4th twice and got 3rd and 4th in those games. So some of what people are saying about ginger being bad I believe just because they are a white level does not mean they don't suck

Sent by Razorclaw13,Aug 17, 2013
i completely agree with you but about stars being a popularity contest but that does not mean dumbginger is playing a good game
Sent by cjfast11,Aug 17, 2013

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