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  1. Anybody up for a game of
  2. My top 10 most played songs from Spotify 2017
  3. I've never had a tengaged boyfriend
  4. Anyone here ever get sleep paralysis
  5. Yas @ Queer Eye Season 2 premiering tomorrow
  6. Susie Smith won survivor Gabon
  7. How survivor can improve its ratings during tribal..
  8. Dan 'get in the van' Schneider
  9. How is making out with someone a week
  10. idk if I should feel lame about this
  11. Since it’s “wrong” to be happy about a..
  12. We just need some moderation
  13. Never be the same
  14. Susie Smith won survivor Gabon
  15. 13 reasons why, thoughts so far
  16. Lmao @ Britney's response
  17. I think I am getting my first B
  18. Reminder: Megan Hauserman is the greatest..
  19. There are so many shows at Netflix
  20. Hi this is Netflix you're greenlit
  21. Hey bff
  22. Why can't we be friends?
  23. American Vandal on Netflix is so good
  24. Tom Brady's kiss on the lips to his son
  25. Chyna should have been in the first women's rumble..
  26. Chyna comes in at number 30!
  27. There needs to be music in public bathrooms
  28. Rihanna and beyonce are still the top two female..
  29. Alrighty, halloween's address is
  30. If moderation does come back
  31. Which of the following is the worst? (POLL)
  32. You guys can't tell me that Alex Ow
  33. PYN for a gift
  34. Monday left me broken,
  35. Tuesday I was through with hoping
  36. Wednesday my empty arms were open
  37. Thursday waiting for love,
  38. Waiting for love
  39. Thank the stars it's Friday
  40. I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday


Jun 29, 2012 by Akora
"What is race to black?"

"first one to run to Africa wins"


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I still need to know what it is :L
Sent by Milkisgood,Jun 29, 2012
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