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//114// Oh. Apr 26, 2012
I love Harley, BettyRubbble, bluesapphire, Vanili, gematria, itsmejo, bluelagoon506, dav_o_79 & karim.

Okay bye.

P.S.: Originally this was a mean blog about someone. x
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//113// 4 Truths & 2 Lies Apr 19, 2012
What are the lies? :P

1.        I have had sex with more than 4 people. (LIE)
2.         I hate alcohol. (TRUTH)
3.         I smoke 20+ cigarettes per day. (TRUTH)
4.         I have smoked weed at least once. (TRUTH)
5.         I have never left home after a fight with my parents. (LIE)
6.        I got kicked from school for 2 days twice. (TRUTH)
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//112// Haha Apr 9, 2012
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//111// At Diva1 Apr 4, 2012
I just met you and this is crazy! But here's my account so gift me maybe!
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//110// Post Yer Name Apr 4, 2012
and i will
give you a boner xx
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//109// Post Yer Name Mar 14, 2012
and I'll tell you your Tengaged future for the next 1 year.

Bridgette77: You will be TVStar lvl, but not much active. You'll join Stars again and do decent.

Popeye: You will have quit 3/4 times by then, but you will still be active at times. I predict you will only be a cute silver lvl.

realityfreek: A TVStar lvl obviously, you might win a Stars too as well.

MTman: You will be close to Gold lvl. You will play a Stars by then and do decent.

jenzie: Probably like Blood level. You will cause enough drama and might win a Stars too.

yankees14456: You will have over 2000K but not a TVstar lvl. You will most probably join a few Stars games and either do really crap or make f3 x

Dzenan00: You won't be here by then I think. :X

Castings: Most possibly somewhere close to Silver lvl with a little bit worse KPG than now x

Runner430: I think you wont be here by then.

PizPaz: Somewhere between sky/blood level and i can see you joining a stars and doing good.

Robinhood99: I think you wont be here by then either. x

lemonface: You will defo be a TVStar lvl. You will win a Stars by then and rejoin to take an ugly 16th or 15th.

Jallina15: Talk of the town soon. You will win a Stars soon and be seen as one of the best players of the new generation.

ken_the_fish_74: You will be like Blood level, you will have joined Stars and do ALMSOT good and you will take a long break meanwhile too.

Zoeygasms: You will most probably realize that this place isnt for you and you will be gone by then. But you will sure log on often to give Tengaged what you love. x

Hunnyy: Defo permed by then...

Soccerismylif3: Still trying to reach 1000Karma, but yet being one of the cutest ppl on the site. You will get more famous till then x

meduncan: I can see you quitting by then :S

BettyRubbble: Hopefully a sky level with a good stars record on her back and with many more ppl seeing how amazing you are. you'll join a stars by then and do kinda crap. :S

nmh95: You wont be much active and you will be logging on every now and then to just check whats going on.

ShadowBaller000: You'll still be one of the ppl with the best game-record. I can see you winning a Stars but starting losing popularity after one point.

porschefan101: bye! lol

BBTDFanatic77: you might as well be permed by then :X

SharpShooter4: lol no!

je7467: imamissyou until next year. you will get bored of the place and leave xxxxxxxxxx

Florina: I am bet you will be gone and forgotten D:

amylou8251: still being a whore trying to reach blood level x

STOKES2009: Most probably still in HoF...somewhere around your current rank! I dont think people will go on hating on you. They will stop eventually.

LittlePianist: I can see you being a little bit inactive, but still around here!

Doolisha: You will level up fast after some point and become really well-known. You will also join Stars as like silver level or so bad dont place good coz u are fierce x

tonym101101: Still around maybe as a tvstar level but not really well known x

RachelReilly1: I guess you will quit sometime but not soon. :P

VoLcOmVaNs: You will get somewhere close to TVStar or even there and then start being kinda in and out.

connorthomson: You will still be here leveling up REALLY SLOWLY and being silent all the time. You might win a Stars as a flavor x

broncman789: I can see you leaving the site in a few months (hopes not) and coming back to win a Stars game?!

brookecwelsh: I think you will still be around somewhere close to gold level and being a little bit more popular x

Kaay: I am sure you will still be here. You will level up much, win a Stars but I think you will get a few bans too. :X

Etienne: Like you do now, you will go on being in and out of the site, cause you are just addicted like me x

canadiankid: You will still be active and maybe a little bit more popular. I can see you joining Stars and doing well.

nasmay1: I am almost 100% sure that you wonnt be here by then..and not talking about a short break :X

lemosalsa: You will still be around like you do know, with few people knowing you. :S

ILoveSleep: You will level up enough, join Stars and do decent. :)

hinata0014: Same as above^

bluedudeman: I can see you reaching gold level and people start talking about ur name xx

dmann: you will defo be here in a year being even more famous and winning a stars at last! :D

sarahnva: you will go on trolling the site and u might win another stars as well. ;)

seana86: You will be here keeping a low profile like you do now. Im sure you will join Stars sometimes, make finals coz of good game play but finishing like 3rd or 2nd :S

Linds810: Most probably around 1200 Karma. You will join Stars and do REALLY good, coz u have no haterz x

Nunley: Most probably TVStar level, but yet with a really good record like now. I cant see you doing that good in stars anytime soon. :S

Jenna2010: You will defo still be around, but not extremely popular like now for example. I can see you joining Stars sometime soon and making f3 again x

Meowfie: You will be here...I'm sure...maybe as a silver level or so. You will enter BSG and do decent.

jtotalturtle: You are gonna be a tvstar level having a stars win in your pocket ;)

tyboy618: you will be here somewhere close to gold but being kinda inactive x

DanielKennedy111: you will be a cute black level and i guess more people will know you by then :D

chelss: hopefully you will be one of those flashy color levels and with a good placeing in BSG on your page ;)

sdriver999: you are gonna be like gold lvl. Im sure u wont join stars or anything but u will defo be more well-known on the site. xd

tyleror: you will still be here. i think u will take a kinda long break and come back to an unexpected (by everyone) Stars win. Shit happen :P

tadd: you will still be around maybe as a sky level player and being as much pouplar as you are atm!

Jouix: You will realize that u can do rlly good in games and that u dont deserve that shit record u know have, so you will make a new account and have a really good record coz u deserve it x

BOBROCKS333: i think u will still be here as a tvstar level. i cant see you winning stars at all, but u will get a few good placements. you will still be likeable frome everyone =D

joshg222: You wont be here by then i think x

Blitszims: you will hopefully be like sky level or something. you will join stars, cause mega drama and then get evicted somewhere near the end D:

taylor112399: Tvstar level, still being a lovely guy and placing good in a few stars. dat's all x

MrAlexD: I think you will quit in a few months. :S

Donutdude556: somewhere close to 1000 karma trying to buy silver so you can join stars. :O

dabomb127: gold level that will join a stars and do not good at all, but yet being more popular than now!

FlameonX: I think you will take a looooooong ass break soon, then come back buy tvstar, join stars, make f3, dont win and leave for a while again. :X

Trust: You will earn even more sympathy. You will be highly ranked soon and might win a stars too as well :D

joeyjones: you will be in and out of the might join stars but u will do crap lolbyebitch xxxxxxxxxx

TheSN: I think you will quit till next year awks.

JesseM: You will still be here fighting for for dat 1st spot in HoF, but I think you wont ever get it coz bbdamian has no life tbh xoxo. I think you might shockingly win a stars game! :OOO

dansterdan: you will join BSG soon but wont do dat good! :( you will be gold in one year from now and way more pouplar oh!

MilkIsGood: you will still be here as a tvstar level and a lot higher ranked than now. you will make f3 again in stars but i dont see you winning. #badluck =[

Davey: you will take a break and then come back and start doing REALLY good at games, fix your already good record and become popular enough.

Topher: you will be a gold level by den!!! you will join stars sometime but u wont do good coz of lack of popularity awe

rt72: you will be around for a little bit more, join stars and do really good but not win and then take a break =O

bellajennaxo: hello future stars winner xx im sure u will get there soon and u will most probably be something like blood level by then D:

AllieBoBallie: You will join stars, play a good game but wotn get a good placing :/ you will take a break soon and then come back to being in and out...

tommyboy614: i can see you joining stars and doing REALLY good altho u wont be that popular, but u wont have any haters at all like now too! :D

NotAfraid: I think you will join stars soon and get addicted to it D: People will start liking you and saving you lots and u will get some good placings but then ppl will get bored of ur existance in stars that often and evict you. oops >.<

xbadgirlblondex: you might as well leave soon tbh. and then come back to play a few games every now and then!

Quackerz: you will still be here but not that much will join 2/3 more stars games and do crap and really good too :P

pikasadge: you wille ventually get popular till next year. you might decide to buy more color levels so u can join stars and do awkwardly good!

woahcourtney: you might coz some drama accidentally. idk why lulz. you will join another stars and do shitty and then yet another and win omg grats ♥

chad123: imamissyou. you wont be here next year :/

Ingrid: you will realize that the site isnt for classy bitches like yew and quit. but oh wait u are addicted xx you will come online to play a few games ;)

RiDsTeR: you will join a few more stars and u will eventually get a win after some shitty placings u will get. you will keep on being active here x

tharealmike: you will be somewhere between silver & gold level being a little bit more pouplar than u are now okay.

sihz: you will turn into a badass player and fix your record somehow by doing really good at games - most probably rookies-. everyone will know you by den!

splozojames50: you will be a blood level with a shitty placing in stars game on your profile. not becoz u are hated but becoz u wont be popular enough to survive a poll. :/

FlutterShy: #permantly banned

KingB24: way more famous than know (you arent at all atm) maybe a gold level x

SweetRem: you will be pretty much like you are now but as a black level.

Kob3Sm1th: you are going to win a stars game sometime soon and then start being kinda inactive on the site cryin xx

LaFierceBrittany2: you will get bored of playing stars so often so you wont join for a really long time, but u will go on playing here enough and u will eventually reach tvstar level!

andalarew_2231: i think you wont be here next year :|

torimarie: you will still be here being active enough with maybe a f3 placing (not 1st dont giggle!) on your profile. omg get it montana x

hMzz: you will be close to gold level. you will join BSG i think and do....not good :S

doodleshugh: perm urself trash

Chiiina: you will get permed and make another account and have a really good record yet again!

jordanfan22: you will get bored and quit in a few months as a red level or so. :S

Janelle_Pierzina: you are gonna have something like 800-900 will join stars and kinda fail. :S

KaraCHICKEY: you will leave REAL soon.

maxiphone27: you ae going to be gold level and well-known enough =D

ianfitz0012: you are gunna take a break really soon, then come back to play enough games so u can get ur rank back, join stars and do decent.

sprtsgy1989: same as Ian^ tbh.

vatcheabs: you will still be her -higher ranked- trying to win a stars on this account too, but i doubt u will get it. :/

joe1110: you will eventually reach tvstar level being as much pouplar as u are now and u will have some fail placings in stars besides a f5 xx

TopChef: you wont be that active anymore and u will join a stars to get a pretty cute placing :D

TrixieM101: you will still be here as a brown level or maybe lower being irrelevant :X

AxKxAxBatman: you will join BSG and place somewhere in top10. you will be gold level by then!

Dove98: You wont be here next year hunniiiiiiiiii

Megan: You will decide to join stars again in around 10 months from now and place good enough but unfortunately wont win :/ You will be ranked somwhere in top30 but not in HoF!

Danteman453: An ianctive sky level with a good place in stars sometime soon. ;)

Butcher: you will get really popular soon, have a big fan-club and maybe win a stars ;)

battlesofthefallen: naaah. i dont think u are gona be here next year D=

TheThomas: you are going to be like sky level, join stars and do decent enough. :X

tommarkoliver: U are going to quit sometime soon. OH! :O

01Gohan: You will still be around as a silver level...MAYBE or lower with a few more people knowing you x

Vitamin: you are going to have like will join stars but u wont do good coz many ppl will be jealous of ya D:

ricktworick1: sky level soon with more people knowing you and liking you :)

MoooCoww: tv star level and star winner soon period

TomC20: a lot higher ranked with a really good record like now and a couple f3s in stars yay for you!

dools: you will take a break soon and u will get out of hof meanwhile. you will come back to playing but will hardly ever make top20 again awee :/ oh and u migth win another stars sometime soon D:

snowskier121: i can see you quitting in the next 4 months or less. D:

lala_2500: black to silver level with a really good record and many more friendz x

Soccer_man9: you will eventually buy dem shinny color levels and become a lilttle popular XD

xCelestex: you will make f5 in the upcoming BSG and then go on being active enough and reach sky level till then xD

I_PullDaStrings: i think u will get banned enough times but still be like you are now x (you know) lol

vikejk17: you will win this stars and another sometime later but meanwhile u will take a short break

AshlynArehart: you will be like black level or so and yeah this.

NicWhealdon: nope! u wont be here in 12 months xxx

colbelliveau: blood level or so with enough bans till next year and a few decent placings in stars kty x

ShayyBayy: All of sudden u will win another stars game and get even higher ranked oh.

xxJaym: you will miss playing on Tengaged soon and come to being enough active x

Bo_oM: tvstar level and stars winner end of story kbai xx

Cgyflames01: you will get enough bans coz u are too fierce for dis place but u will still be around as a tvstar level kk

mrkkkkyle: you are going to be like sky level or so with a fail appearance in stars game. :P

doodyful: black level with around 700 karma and some people might start talking about ya!

jhelsdon2478: the only change i can see about you is ur way higher rank!

Vessa: well hopefully you will start playing games on here again soon and show everyone who's da boss x

ninjakitty: brown level or so being a lilttle bit more popular than currently.

Soap: You are going to be black level and enough ppl will know you til next year :D

Lucinda: you say u might make a new account so u can have a really good record. i think u will do it but u will get bored of being a noob again and come back as lucinda again. you will be tvstar again soon hunniiiiiiiiiii

BengalBoy: stable situation...

ILOVETHEBUCCANEERS: you will still be around as a brown level or so. that's all about it!

Bryce12: Same as above^^^^^^^

lassidoggy: im sure u will make a new account and have a much better record than now :P

Druhhbby: same as above^ but being more poular and joining BSG either as druhhhby or as (enter new username)

loldude101: same as the 2 above tbh.

RitaBlankets: I think you will quit in a few months and i dont want you to :(

Peetah32: future stars winenr and tvstar level RLLY soon :L

TheSexiestDude990: I doubt u are gonna be here in one year from now  :/S

DanielAllen: not active much and still mainly playing stars games. :X

MaryC: blood level in one year from now with a rlly good placing in the one and only stars game u are guna join :D

piscesgirl: you will get popular again soon and yeah thats all about it. i predict u will be like gold level with around 1500 Karma x

Lovelife: something like blood level with one good placing in stars and a few more shitty ones. :O

Dillbob27: You might decide to start being really active again and get your rank up close to where you were before. :D

TaylorStLouis: You'll start getting better placings in games and become a rlly good player. Your record is going to look better soon and more ppl will know you x

SexyBanana: You will decide to buy the next 2 color lvls so u can join BSG....which you are gunna rock ;) You will later buy a couple more!

Natepresnell: Better game placings soon and a better record (not that it is that bad now). You'll become famous urself x

peaccealexxa: You are guna be like sky level. you will join a stars game til next year and do rlly good actually!

Criiko: you will start being active enough for a while and then take a long break like you just did. :/

Tommy1212: You arent guna be here by then x

Hump: You will reach sky level to take a break and then come back for a stars game with an unpredictable result *,*

2008girl: Soon you will be way more active than now and u will join stars soon. you will go till the end but i think its guna be ur first Stars fail coz u wont win. but no worries :*

Jaylen23: U wont be here hunny :/

Scrafty: Clsoe to gold level and a lil more famous than now. :L

TheGoodMan: tvstar level and you will become the talk of the town at some point D:

JamieN8954: you will go on being as much active as u r now and then u will start being kind off of the site but logging on often to check in x

Nick24678: gold/sky level with more people knowing you and a stars fail :S

Alyxandra: silver level by then and that's all lol

MrCriminalJustice: hello sky level xx everyone will know about you till then and u will join a stars with a good result :)

LittleMonsterr: Most probably permed again :/

Phenomanimal: You will most probably win another stars in a few months and you will be like 6th in Hof by then D:

bobbert1000: you will quit soon xx

Rokkerboi: Black level with way more karma though/ everyone will know you at that time next year =D

snowflake3: around 1500 Karmaor so with a few more stars fails and a f3 at some point x

ajg31397: silver level or so and many ppl will know you by then =] you will try BSG but u wont get in :S

iGoddess: you will come back to the site for good and u will level up enough. then leave again :(

leopardprint: brown level by then with a fail try to get in BSG :S

M2thamax: gold level with a stars appearance that only a few will remember :p

MichelleObama: #banned

Sparky9171: tvstar most probably with a few more fails at stars but u will earn the sympathy of many ppl :D

alexclow345: you might be on top20 and a stars win is waiting for you but not soon :p

Survivor8: tvstar level for sure with a highest rank than now and another f3 in stars but not a win :/
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