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BB15 is so iconic. May 1, 2020
AARYN & GM. Name a better duo.
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Tengaged's Newest Red Level! ❤️ Apr 22, 2020
I can give +8 now :D
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Michele Fitzgerald. Apr 16, 2020
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STAN APINK Apr 15, 2020

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Updated✌🏽 Apr 9, 2020
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PYN Apr 9, 2020
& I'll tell your placement and how well (or bad) would you do on Survivor and why.
xCelestex - 6th place. I feel like you would do well socially and be a very likable player. Goes deep into the game but is taken out mid merge by an idol.
lexeyjane - 15th place. You will be the fan favorite of the gays that is part of the minority alliance but is taken out pre-merge because you basically hate everyone but the ones you're allied with.
Arris - Runner-Up. A strong social and physical player, you will play well and adapt quickly and eventually make it to the end when you will lose to a more dominant player.
turkeylover - 9th place. You would play an UTR game and that is going to allow you to avoid getting voted out pre-merge. Once merge is reached, your loyalty towards your alliance is your downfall as you get backstabbed by them.
Matthew09 - 16th place. A social player, you will try to be friendly with everyone but someone's attitude will get the most of you and that would make you an instant target and eventually voted out mid-premerge.
3pi14159 - 11th place. Similar to turkeylover, you will be a social player that avoids confrontation and finds a solid alliance. Unfortunately, once merge is reached you won't have the numbers and you will be voted out early merge.
JasonXtreme - 9th place. You would be a challenge beast that forms a big alliance early on and is control of the game until your inevitable blindside.
peterya - 4th place. You would end up as the fallen angel of the season. A fan-favorite, your personality would take you deep into the game but your challenge weakness is going to end up costing the game after losing the fire-making challenge.
Singsongers - 18th place. You wouldn't adapt well to the game and isolate yourself from the tribe. You'd try to look for an idol but your efforts aren't enough.
ShaneDawson12345 - 20th place. Similar to Singsongers, you wouldn't be able to adapt well to the game and overplay too hard too early. After your tribe losing the first challenge you are the obvious first boot despite your efforts.
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